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Yves Saint Laurent
Libre Discovery Set 3x10ml

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"Immerse yourself in the ultimate Libre Trio."

  • Benefits

    • Floral
    • Aromatic
    • Citrus

    The MECCA view

    LIBRE, the French word for ‘free’, pays tribute to YSL’s enduring spirit of empowering people to live their lives as authentically and unapologetically as possible.

    Since 1961 authenticity has dressed the YSL woman: fierce, bold, unapologetic. A woman powerful like ocean waves crashing against the shore. With fire burning in her soul, like flames flickering in the breeze. Bestowing strength, like an eagle soaring through the sky.

    Set includes

    Each 10ml bottle offers a distinct possibility in which you can indulge and discover, allowing you to embrace your individual freedom. For a lighter scent, there is the fresh and sensual Eau de Toilette; for a richer classic experience, there is the bold and captivating Eau de Parfum; and finally, for utter intensity, there is the new vivid and unapologetic Libre Le Parfum. With the Libre Discovery Set, there is a scent for every occasion, for all there is to be discovered.

    Fragrance notes

    Eau de Toilette:

    Crafted by master perfumers Anne Flipo and Carlos Benaïm.

    • Top Notes: Tangerine, Bergamot, Lavender

    • Heart Notes: Orange Blossom, Absolu Jasmine, White Jasmine Tea

    • Base Notes: Musk, Vanilla, Amber Gris

    Eau de Parfum:

    Crafted by master perfumers Anne Flipo and Carlos Benaïm.

    • Top Notes: Tangerine, Neroli, Lavender

    • Heart Notes: Jasmine Sambac, Orange Blossom

    • Base Notes: White Musks, Vanilla Extract

    • Key Notes: Orange Blossom, Lavender

    LIBRE Le Parfum:

    Crafted by master perfumers Anne Flipo and Carlos Benaïm.

    • Top Notes: Bergamot, Mandarin, Ginger, Saffron Accord

    • Heart Notes: Orange Blossom, Diva Lavender Heart, Lavandin Heart

    • Base Notes: Vanilla Bourbon, Honey Accord, Vetiver


    Hair & Hair accessories can be fragranced for a gentle fragrance trail. For just a halo of scent, spray your hair brush only.

    Garments: Perfume the inside of your jacket and coats for a medium trail. For added intensity of fragrance go further and perfume your blouse / jumper.

    Scarves: For lighter application, spray a scarf and wrap the scarf around your neck to transfer fragrance onto yourself gently.

    Bathing: Spritz perfume on warm bath water for an indulgent experience.


    For light intensity: Spray in a cloud around your head and shoulders, let the fragrance fall gently around you.

    For medium intensity: Spray in a Y-shape across your body, beginning at one shoulder and finishing at the other. If you are wearing jewellery it is a great alternative to spraying your neck.

    For added intensity: Apply perfume directly to your pulse points and / or hot spots (wrist, inner elbow and lower neck). Here the heat of your body will allow the fragrance to reveal its full trail. Include shoulders and back to intensify your perfume trail.

    Flammable until dry. Keep away from flames and heat. Avoid applying near the eyes. In case of contact, rinse them immediately and thoroughly.

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