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How to Decorate Your Home Without Any Decorations

January 1 | 2 minute read

Memo Diptyque Holiday Candles Hero 16x9

Words by Kerri Gordon

Originally published on | November 9

I’m an olfactophile, a CognoScenti, a perfumista, or whatever other word the internet has invented to say I like to smell smells. My nose works faster (and perhaps harder) than my brain. I can tell what my neighbour’s having for dinner before I’ve digested my lunch and can decipher punters’ perfumes in a festival mosh pit.

What I also might be, is The Grinch. Garish decorations do not cut it for me. Maybe it’s because I didn’t grow up with a tree and stockings in my home, or maybe it’s because I think the best part of the holiday season (and the part I remember most) is the food, the fauna, and the free time. Why make my living room a sight for sore eyes when it could be scented for sharp noses instead? I don’t need tinsel to express my festivity – I need to smell something green, something clean, and something with vanilla bean. I call it “invisible decorating”.

A real tree? With all the dusting and sweeping? Hard pass. But the smell of fresh pine? My nostrils perk up. I patiently wait for Diptyque’s Sapin Scented Candle every year. It’s green, woody and homey and sets the scene without me having to heave a seven-foot tree up my apartment steps.
I bake – it’s kind of my thing (besides my day job). Half the reason I do it is to make my home smell like snickerdoodles, chiffons, tarte tatin or babka. On a slow week, I Copperfield my way into creating the illusion that yes, I have just baked, however, whatever it is I did bake was so delicious it had already been polished off. With notes of date, vanilla and patchouli, I praise Diptyque for their Delice Scented Candle’s commitment to the cause.
There is nothing – I repeat, nothing – better than starting a new year with polished floors, scrubbed grout, sparkling sinks, deep-cleaned upholstery and fresh linen. December 30 is the day I make that happen, and the date I’ll transition from Sapin to Coton (the 31st I’m busy creating my best makeup look of the year and on New Year’s Day I’m waking up mid-morning wondering how the glitter is still attached to my lids). The candle is soft, cosy and clean, and signifies the ultimate reset. One might even step into my home, smell it, and be fooled into thinking I’ve got my life together.

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