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Beauty Loop Bonus L3 Post Redemption Edgeto Edge Dec 23

Behind the Scenes of Your Bonus With D.S. & DURGA's Co-Founder

To tell you everything you need to know about your new Plumes Perfume Oil, we asked D.S. & DURGA Co-Founder and Perfumer David Moltz to explain what inspired him to create this scent, how best to wear it and more.

Enjoy a peek behind the scenes at the brand's HQ in Brooklyn, New York, where he (alongside Co-Founder and wife Kavi Moltz) designs some of the most unique, artistic fragrances we've ever had the pleasure to smell. Plus, he's letting you in on a secret: the playlists he creates for each and every scent – listen to the Plumes one here and get in the tropical mood!

Prefer a more woody fragrance? Try layering D.S. & DURGA's RADIO BOMBAY over the top of your Plumes Perfume Oil to warm it up, whilst keeping the blend bright and radiant.