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Cult-Status Candles for the Fragrance-Obsessed

January 1 | 3 minute read

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Words by Genevieve Phelan

Originally published on | April 15

We’re firm believers that the gorgeous-smelling things in a home are potent reminders of personal style, and tactical modes of escapism.

Be it a mainstay on a bedside table or a bathroom-dedicated burn, candles act as the ultimate storytellers and space-definers. With the ritual of striking a match, a candle becomes more than a delicious fragrance — it’s now a beacon of flickering light, a date night tone-setter, or an olfactory postcard from holidays past.

These wax-filled vessels are powerful portals to nostalgia, ready to whisk you away from a long day and mimic the magic of another place or time. So whether you’re reminiscing or memory-making, these are the best scented candles in our repertoire that promise to take you Someplace Else.

For an uplifting escapade

MALIN+GOETZ is an unequivocal maestro of perfume, and its worldly fragrances borrow notes from every aspect of La Dolce Vita. This Bergamot Candle is redolent of citrus-laden gardens and beach-side spritzes, with bold notes of grapefruit, bell pepper, ginger, and of course, bergamot. It’s a soul-resurrecting addition to a space in need of a limoncello shot equivalent of scent.

For all kinds of romancing

Akin to a big bunch of red flowers, the Jo Malone Rose Candle is designed to make a person swoon. Think Bulgarian rose, beeswax, violet leaf, mint, and lemon mingling together in a gorgeous glass encasement. Gift it in lieu of things that swiftly expire, or burn before date night commences to signal TLC time.

For soirée-hosting to impress

A pretty-named Italian isle called Pantelleria is the inspiration for Flamingo Estate’s Euphoria Candle. Made to be a ‘feast for the senses’, this sensual banquet of rose, herbs, and citrus is best paired with a lovingly-adorned tablescape, fresh market treats, and DIY menus prepared for having your favourite people over.

For bringing the beauty of the outdoors, in

Be whisked away to your future self’s veggie patch via Maison Margiela’s From the Garden Candle. This might even be the perfect summer night’s burn to relish outside, eventually reminding you of feeling warm, happy and full on holiday. Crisp and juicy, this one is bursting with notes of fresh tomato leaf and juicy green mandarin.

For deeply cosy chalet feelings

Diptyque’s famed Feu De Bois Candle will infuse the crisp winter air with a sense of je ne sais quoi. For when you’d rather be rendezvousing in The Alps, light this classic and surrender to a fireside aroma of burning woods and lapsang tea. Read some Deborah Levy, brew a tea, and remain mysteriously hidden away.

For chasing the sun, year-round

Paul Smith’s Day Dreamer Candle is like going on hiatus at home. Cycle through lavender fields, be transported to bustling canals and lap up the Verbena, clary sage, lavender and hay filling the air. Remember, summer is a state of mind.

For luxuriating in solo evenings

You’re setting the tone for a long and productive shower, liberally pouring wine into pasta sauce, and tucking into freshly-spruced linen — it’s an almost reverent evening with Byredo’s Bibliotheque. Make any at-home occasion an opulent affair, even if nobody else is there. This dark-hued adornment will melt your worries away with base notes of vanilla, patchouli and musk. It’s the perfect backdrop for a main character moment.

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