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Meet Crown Affair – The ‘No-Makeup-Makeup’ Haircare Brand

January 1 | 3 minute read

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Words by Christie Sinclair

Originally published on | April 1

The second the fashion world remembered less actually is more when it comes to dressing, it was only a matter of time before ‘quiet luxury’ made its way to the beauty industry.

Returning to routines that prioritise quality, efficacy and the experience, makeup became skin-focused, and in some instances, we even learned to embrace bare skin - with the help of some very luxe formulas. Now, leading the movement in the hair category, is Crown Affair– new to MECCA, it’s a brand that distinguishes itself from others through its hardworking and meticulously crafted hair essentials.

It’s a philosophy Founder Dianna Cohen likens to ‘no-makeup makeup': "With ‘no-makeup makeup’, it’s not that you’re not wearing makeup – you’re just using simple, effective products to get the best version of yourself. That’s what we’re doing in haircare,” she says. 

Cohen adds, “I believe in putting fewer, better things into the world, that bring you joy when you use them.”


Crown Affair, which Cohen launched in 2019, is anchored on that sense of intentionality; both with your time and with the products with which you surround yourself.

“We know that the ultimate luxury is time: the time we’ve taken to source the best products and the time back in [customers’] lives because the product performs at the level of salon brands and is actually good for your hair and scalp,” Cohen explains.

The tight curation includes formulas infused with plant extracts (yuzu, persimmon and coconut, among them) and beautiful handcrafted tools from Italy, Switzerland and France – all designed to transform your hair and your relationship with caring for it.

“Wash day and non-wash day should be a beautiful ritual you look forward to,” explains Cohen, adding, “Crown Affair is a love letter to you and your hair.”
With ‘no-makeup makeup’, it’s not that you’re not wearing makeup – you’re just using simple, effective products to get the best version of yourself. That’s what we’re doing in haircare
Dianna Cohen

If we wind back the clock, it comes as no surprise that Cohen was able to successfully rebrand the very idea of haircare. As the person in her circle with a truly enviable head of hair, the then-marketing consultant decided to document her routine and advice in Google Docs – at first, just to keep up with the volume of enquiries she received!

But it quickly became apparent just how many people had no idea how to properly care for their hair. “That Google Doc spread way beyond my network,” she tells The MECCA Memo. “That was the ‘lightbulb moment’ in realising how many incredible [people] were struggling to appreciate their hair and didn’t know where to start.”

Armed with an idea, Cohen drew on her experience working with some of the fastest-growing consumer brands and start-ups in the US. Among them was Into The Gloss, the digital beauty magazine created by Emily Weiss, which eventually laid the groundwork for the billion-dollar beauty empire, Glossier.

“Emily [Weiss] was one of my first leaders in my career; she’s really inspiring as a person and a brand visionary,” says Cohen, who counts herself “lucky” to have had the chance to be in the room with Weiss day to day: “What she was doing back in 2012 was first of its kind and really bridged the gap for me between storytelling and community online.”

The result of Cohen’s efforts is Crown Affair – the brand and product universe she dreamed of but didn’t yet see in the world.

And as for that coveted personal routine? We’re most intrigued by Cohen’s post-wash trinity; like a capsule wardrobe for hair, it features three cleverly crafted products to simplify your approach, while still producing results that look high maintenance.

“If you do nothing else post-wash, use The Towel,” she advises, followed by The Leave-In Conditioner, which Cohen explains is the “equivalent of a face moisturiser, but for your hair”.

The final step is The Dry Shampoo: “Our talc-free formula uses the most finely ground Japanese persimmon powder, which is a natural deodoriser and oil-absorber, to soak up any oil at your scalp,” Cohen explains, adding, “Make the simple switch from aerosol or gritty powders to this dry shampoo and your hair (and scalp) will thank you!”

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