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Beauty Products That Prove Luxury isn’t (Always) About Price

January 1 | 3 minute read

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Words by Kerri Gordon

Originally published on | February 21

Despite all it’s built up to be – luxury isn’t a commodity; it’s a mindset. And as such, luxuriating in life, once reframed accordingly, isn’t about pretty pennies. For some (editor’s note; me), the height of luxury is sitting around a candlelit dinner table with warm bread and salty butter, and three to nine friends that induce your most bellowing belly laugh. In a beauty sense, however, it’s the products that seem simple – practical, even – refined or reinvented to make your skin, your routine, or your mood at least 10 percent better. Though we’re all Augustinus Bader The Cream converts, we stand by the belief that luxury isn’t (always) about price – and these underrated products prove it.

The Eye Serum That Works

Zoe Foster Blake’s Go-To has long delivered the goods when it comes to uncomplicated skincare. And while their new De-Crease eye serum is still, by formulation, relatively uncomplicated, its ingredients list is a masterpiece. With retinal, niacinamide and peptides in perfectly efficacious concentrations, this low-fuss serum is proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines around the eyes – a pretty luxe result.

The One Product That Does (Almost) Everything

For many, the greatest luxury is time – and with that, minimalism. So finding a one-and-done product that does it all – hydrate, even, glow, protect – is near priceless. That product is without a doubt MECCA COSMETICA’s To Save Face SPF50+ Brightening Sun Serum. Not only does it provide the SPF 50+ we should all be wearing every day (health is wealth, after all), it leaves your skin looking like the beneficiary of a daily eight-step skincare routine.

The Accessory That Gives You Street Cred

Regardless of if it’s your sister’s Suzuki Swift or your father’s Rolls Royce – a D.S. & Durga Auto Fragrance hanging in the windscreen will immediately place them on an even playing field of style and class. In fact, when people do have one, we’re more inclined to let them in, forgive quicker when they steal our parks, and feel remorse when their dash is accessorised with a parking ticket. It’s a signal of good taste, and we’re all for it.

The (Most) Quiet Luxury

This might come across as a rogue inclusion but it is to be said that we (or at least I) have not and will not buy items intended for our nether regions in the same place we purchase our poultry, parmesan and potatoes. Our bodies are temples and we shall treat it as no less. These lubricant drops by DeoDoc are, well, a quiet luxury that need not be overexplained. And as such - we’ll move on.

The Cream That Saves You Thousands

When the beauty-minded find themselves in Athens, the Korres store is always a first stop for local skincare formulas that celebrate the abundant, skin-loving biodiversity of Greece. And if we’re honest, it has always confused us greatly, considering we have Korres here at home, in MECCA. This brand is highly underrated – especially its Greek Yoghurt range, which nourishes the skin’s microbiome with pre and probiotics to keep your complexion hydrated and dewy long term. Unless you’ve got pent-up annual leave and a few grand burning in your pocket - save yourself the airfare and indulge in this Grecian luxury, locally.

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