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Beauty Experts and Obsessives Predict 2024’s Biggest Trends

January 1 | 7 minute read

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Words by Darcy Brown

Originally published on | December 20

A fresh start with endless possibilities - that's the New Year's way. And while some say the future is better left unwritten, we couldn't resist a peek into what is in store for beauty in 2024.

One thing is certain: the beauty industry is ever changing. From one groundbreaking innovation to another to a shift in focus, trends come and go to purposefully serve each moment in time. 2024's goal? To embrace individuality and blur the lines between your beauty routine and overall wellness.

So dust off your blue eyeshadows and kilowatt glosses of the '90s (you are going to need those) and allow hair care and fragrance to enter new, exciting realms. Here's what's in store for 2024, according to the MECCA Beauty Board, and some of our industry friends.

What’s going to be the colour of 2024?

A deep, rich blue- I am obsessed with Yves Klein Blue at the moment and want it on everything. - Aurelia St Clair, Comedian, Model and Writer

I'm seeing glimpses of lilac everywhere. Lilacs represent love and tranquillity which is a beautiful metaphor for what I hope for the year ahead. - Laura Curtis, Fragrance, Hair and Body Education Manager

Mid-century mustard and yellows will shine through in 2024. - Giorgi Strachan, Skincare Education Manager

I’m thinking a pop of orange or apricot, something fun and vibrant to bring in the new year! - Shivan Patel, Digital eCommerce Analyst

PEACH! I think anything peachy will be the colour of 2024. Think, peachy eyeshadows, concealers, blushes and lipsticks!! - dom.skii, Content Creator

Red was everywhere this year and it’s not going anywhere. I love a red blush on the cheeks and of course a red lip is always in style. - Sangeetha, Education Lead, Fragrance Hair and Body

Ultramarine Blue – deep, intense and luxurious. We will see this opulent hue swept across eyelids and proudly painted on nails. - Tony Baumann, Head of Fabulosity

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Which beauty category will be having a moment?

A balance of fragrance and hair! The world of fragrance is seeing so much innovation as it merges into lifestyle to punctuate our daily lives. Meanwhile, hair is emerging as a wellness category, with a focus on nurturing the health and vitality of our hair and embracing our natural hair texture. - Laura

Wellbeing and ingestibles - think holistic health and inner beauty which will support your journey of self, head to toe. - Giorgi

Skincare will always be having its moment. The movement towards taking care of your skin first is not going anytime soon! - Dom

I think we are going to see a lot of movement in the hair space – pardon the pun. - Hannah

Both fragrance and hair will absolutely be having a moment in 2024. There is so much innovation on the horizon to explore and fall in love with! [We’ll be] celebrating and enhancing our natural hair pattern, and working with it, not against it.- Sangeetha

Who is going to be the brand of 2024?

Emma Lewisham. Their products strike the perfect balance of efficacy, sustainability and harness the best of science and nature. 2024 will be their year! - Giorgi

I see Korres popping off in 2024. Korres has an amazing range of fragrances at a reasonable price! - Shivan

Brands with a focus on sustainability, like Emma Lewisham or Conserving Beauty will be in the spotlight. - Aurelia

Most definitely NARS for reliability and Charlotte Tilbury for innovation! - Dom

Violette_FR is going to be massive. - Hannah

MECCA COSMETICA knows the Australian sun like no other and has catered accordingly. SPF protection in every texture from mousse to cream to serum. - Tony

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What’s the beauty look we’ll be seeing everywhere?

Curled lashes, flushed cheeks and a joyful smile. - Laura

Chrome, glitter and gloss! This look can be embraced and personalised based on your comfort level too – whether it’s a glossy natural lip or a galactic eye! - Giorgi

Something I am hoping to see everywhere next year is bold glam with vibrant colours everywhere (bringing the ‘night-out’ glamour to day time) - Shivan

I think it’s going to be a paired back base with a pop of colour - Hannah

Individuality! There are so many fun and exciting new trends out there in the world of beauty to be inspired by, make our own and put our personal stamp on. - Sangeetha

Velvet Pastels. Think matte shades in soft pastel hues with a powdery velvet finish. It can be as simple as adding a pastel liner or switching those shimmer shadows for a matte option. - Tony

I think a bold red lip is for sure going to be a look we're going to see. From glossy, to matte, or even sheer. Red lips for the win! - Dom

While I don’t think the no makeup makeup trend is going anywhere, we’ll see more bold looks like a statement lip or graphic eyeliner in 2024. - Aurelia

I believe bold eyes will have a bigger moment in 2024 - Shivan

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Who’s the ‘It girl’ or ‘It person’ of beauty?

Taylor Russell has that effortless cool girl aesthetic- I want to know her skincare routine.- Aurelia

Taylor Russell – she is bringing a chic edge from the runway in head to toe Loewe and will no doubt continue to bring Avant Garde in 2024. - Giorgi

Violette Serrat founder of Violette FR is the ultimate ‘It girl’ with her uniquely French way of looking at beauty, making the French aesthetic attainable to all. The way she uses colour and placement is so playful and always so chic. - Tony

You! Embrace what’s uniquely you and shine in that starring role! - Sangeetha

I adore Olivia Colman, not just for her approach to beauty but for her fun-loving approach to life in general. She is wholly herself in everything she does, yet open to being playful and experimental with her look. - Laura

For me the ‘It girl’ is Kaylene Whiskey – I love the joy her paintings bring and the celebration of strong indigenous women. - Shivan

Ashlee Day, reliable recommendations with honest reviews! - Dom

What will be having a comeback?

Individuality – being unapologetically ourselves; and warmth as the new cool. - Laura

Deep lip colours – deep reds, browns, and ombres. - Giorgi

Grungy eyes. - Hannah

The soft glam! Soft Glam will definitely make a comeback, there's just something about the 2016 era of makeup that resonated well with people. - Dom

I think we’ll see a return of the 2010’s contouring, highlighting & baking trend, but in a more lowkey way. I think people are shying away from surgery trends towards using makeup to create the look they’re after. - Aurelia

Wispy lashes. We have enjoyed full glam lashes and now it’s time for a lighter more whimsical effect on the eyes. It’s a nod to the 70s when lashes were light and separated. - Tony

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What scent trend should we have on our radar?

Zesty, uplifting and garden scents. Think understated scents of citrus and florals that leave you turning your head on the street unsure of if it’s a fragrance or nearby garden. - Giorgi

I think coconut scented things will be a trend for summer! - Shivan

Flowers for everyone, all year around – all genders, ages and seasons. Embracing the beauty of nature in our fragrances through petal-fresh floral notes like jasmine, rose, mimosa and orange blossom. - Laura

The fresh and clean scents are going to be the trend this coming summer. Think Lazy Sunday Morning by Maison Margiela, Mojave Ghost by Byredo or Rio Radiance by Sol De Janeiro. - Dom

Grab two of your favourite scents and wear them together. See what happens and what comments you receive. Fragrance layering has been around for a while but it's ready to go fourth in 2024. - Tony

Nostalgic scents that take you back to what being wrapped in a towel after a bath when you were little smelled like, like Maison Margiela Bubblebath. - Aurelia

What hi-tech tool is going to be all the rage?

I'm hoping to get the word out that using a wick trimmer to get the most out of your favourite candles is a wonderful investment! - Laura

LED and facial toning devices will continue to be the rage, driven by the ultimate pre-event routine that can be completed in the comfort of your own home. - Giorgi

LED light therapy used daily at home will become the norm for all. Increasing the amount of collagen production in the skin along with myriad of skin benefits LED. - Tony

This has always been in my routine, but Foreo cleansing devices I hope will be all the rage in 2024. It is the best way to cleanse your face! - Shivan

I think tools aimed at the eyes will be big, think high tech eye patches and eye massagers. - Hannah

As the skinification of hair continues to gain momentum, we’ll see more active scalp care and tools like microneedling to boost scalp health and hair growth.- Sangeetha

The Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer is the QUEEN of all hairdryers. I use mine for my hair, to set my makeup, dry my brushes and more. - Dom

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