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MECCA Collectiva

Model and marketer Ange Yu serves up sartorial and skincare inspiration

January 1 | 3 minute read

Angie Yu Interview Hero 16x9

Words by Christie Sinclair

Originally published on | June 13

MECCA Collectiva is our inspiring set of tastemakers from around the globe. From skincare routines to makeup edits, browse their MECCA curations.

Melbourne-based model and marketing campaign manager Ange Yu describes herself as a “full-time Capricorn” – which explains a lot! Her signature style? A masterclass in minimalist cool that spills over into her beauty routine. When she’s not in front of the lens or working her 9-5, Yu is happiest at home in her light-filled Abbotsford apartment with her partner Em and their two dogs.

Here, she serves up sartorial and skincare inspiration, proving understated can still be elevated.

Angie Yu Interview 16x9 1

On her signature style

“My signature style is quite minimal. I don't like to overcomplicate it, whether it's for the everyday or for an event. Having a great foundation (both makeup and fashion) is key – and from there you build it with accessories or lipstick!

“Invest in core products you wear or use most days – whether it's foundation, cleanser or a killer blazer. It'll make all the difference!

“When it comes to beauty, I like to stick to a formula – NARS Sheer Glow Foundation, a bit of contour and brow. I love a highlight, so RMS Beauty Living Luminizer is my best friend. If I notice my skin looking a little dull, I'll give it a detox with the Malin+Goetz Clarifying Clay Mask and it's as good as new”.

If I live by two things, it's sunscreen every day and taking your makeup off every single night.
Ange Yu

A peek into her skincare routine

“If I live by two things, it's sunscreen every day and taking your makeup off every single night. My mum got me onto melting butter cleansers and I now have the Drunk Elephant one on heavy rotation. It makes taking off makeup so easy (even mascara!) and you don't need a cotton pad, which is a bonus for me. There's nothing a double cleanse can't fix, even on the dustiest mornings. That plus a pump of vitamin C serum and hyaluronic acid serum and you'll feel like a new person.

“I know people who live by GOOP’s AHA exfoliants and Lonvitalité rollers for glowing skin, so I'm going to include them in my skincare routine this year (alongside all my other oils and serums). That, and taking extra care around my eyes – Patchology Eye Revive FlashPatch 5 Minute Hydrogels, I'm looking at you!”
It's imperative to look after your inner health.
Ange Yu

On the future of beauty

“It’s holistic, like taking Beauty Chef collagen supplements and looking after my body as much as I look after my face. I can spend hours reading about a serum and face oil but have never been as considered for my body. It’s finding a great body cleanser and moisturiser, and consciously seeking products that are environmentally friendly, like Malin+Goetz Deodorant.

“Skincare is so important. Apart from the usual (the oils, the serums, the gua sha) it's imperative to look after your inner health – to me that is diet, managing stress levels, the amount of sleep you get, how often you exercise and how much sun you get. Do all that, plus the oils, and your skin will love you.”

On the horizon…

“In 2022 I'm looking forward to travelling more – whether it's Sydney whenever I want (not just when the borders open) to see my family or weekends away interstate. I wish it was somewhere exciting like Paris or Seoul, but I think it'll be Sydney or Hobart. What am I packing? My essentials! Mecca Cosmetica sunscreen (SPF50+ always!), Drunk Elephant Jelly Cleanser, my NARS Foundation, RMS Beauty Luminizer and Le Labo AnOther 13.

“As for beauty, I'd love to teach myself to do some fun eye makeup. I recently worked with Rowi Singh and was so taken aback by her talent! I'd love to incorporate even an inch of what she does into my 2022 style.”

Angie Yu Interview 11x4 4


“My reading list is ever growing, but To Paradise by Hanya Yanagihara and Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie are at the top of my list. I'm also part of a book club at work so I usually go with whatever they tell me to read next.

“I recently came across an insane pianist called Sofiane Pamart. He does a beautiful rendition of Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven, which I love. For the rest of 2022 I'd love to learn more about classical music. So please, if you can recommend any [composers] – send them my way!

“I'm also hoping to get to Paris and dine at Early June while chef Esu Lee is in residence!”

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