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The Science of Sleep with kit: and Leading Sleep Expert Vanessa Hill

January 1 | 9 minute watch


Words by MECCAversity

Originally published on | March 13

Here’s a module you don’t want to sleep on: MECCAversity called in the experts on sleep and the effects it can have on our wellbeing. Brought to you by kit, leading sleep scientist Vanessa Hill shares how we can sleep better, and the toolkit she always has on hand for a good night.

About this course:

Vanessa Hill is an award-winning science communicator, leading PhD sleep researcher, media creator, and friend of kit. With a special interest in bedtime procrastination and the connection between sleep and (skin) wellbeing, Vanessa shares her insights on why good rest is so important, how to practice sleep hygiene, and why a wind-down routine can help you prepare for a good night. Learn about the ingredients that can support your skin’s recovery process, and what to do when your mind simply can’t stop racing.

By the end of this lesson you’ll feel confident to:

  1. Understand the science of sleep and how it effects how you look and feel
  2. Identify the behaviours that affect your quality of sleep and how you can avoid them
  3. Build your own toolkit of sensorial textures and scents to unwind at night

What your learning journey looks like:

This masterclass is part of our Explore Skin collection. Want to learn more from the best in beauty? Once you’ve completed this lesson, check out our other masterclasses ARKIVE Scalp Massage with Adam Reed and Build your routine: day and night!

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