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The French Secret To The Best Skin Of Your Life

January 1 | 5 minute read

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Words by Emily Algar

Originally published on | March 6

Biologique Recherche has a cult following.

The brand is loved by aestheticians, has countless celebrity fans, and the internet is saturated with evangelical reviews of its product lineup (the hero formula, Lotion P50, has been called ‘Jesus in a bottle’).

With the launch of Biologique Recherche into MECCA Aesthetica, we’re here to confirm: the rumours are true…it really is that good.

The future icon of French skincare was founded in the late ’70s by biologist and physiotherapist duo Yvan and Josette Allouche; today, their son, Dr Philippe Allouche, is the brand’s research and innovation director.

Designed as an ‘exclusive skincare system’ for busy professionals unimpressed by what existed on the market at the time, it gained a dedicated following for effectiveness, innovativeness and, ahem, interesting ingredients…

The 101 on raw skincare

One thing that sets apart Biologique Recherche – known as ‘Biologique’ or simply ‘BR’ to its devoted followers – is the formulation philosophy: it’s not ‘just’ a skincare brand, but a research laboratory.

While the original collection featured animal-derived ingredients (some of which live on in product names, like Sérum ISO-Placenta, Sérum Colostrum and Crème Masque Vernix VG), the modern range focuses instead on plant-derived actives that provide even better results.

Alongside skincare heavyweights like glycolic acid, lactic acid and niacinamide, you’ll find high concentrations (in most cases, above 20%) of herbal extracts like onion, thistle, vinegar, burdock, St John’s wort and horseradish – all cold-pressed to preserve their original structure, which is why BR products are often referred to as ‘raw’.

A ‘facial in a bottle’

Of course, we can’t talk about Biologique Recherche without delving into the icon that is Lotion P50.

Nicole Richie. Elizabeth Olsen. Nicole Kidman. Glossier Founder Emily Weiss. All have sung the praises of P50, and it’s also been spotted on the zoomed-in bathroom shelves of Sofia Coppola and Kim Kardashian.

As notable as its list of celebrity fans is P50’s scent.

Disclaimer: onion, vinegar and horseradish don’t exactly make for a pleasant olfactory experience – but if you can get past the “industrial-strength Band-Aid” smell (according to one reviewer), the transformative benefits are, in a word, crazy.

A cocktail of alpha-, beta, and poly-hydroxy acids, plus potent botanical extracts, it works to rebalance the skin’s pH, refine pores, brighten tone, smooth congestion and hydrate the skin’s surface, all while delivering glow in spades.

Right from its launch more than 50 years ago, it was a big deal. Initially, this had to do with the inclusion of phenol – a controversial ingredient typically found in mouthwash.

The original Lotion P50 1970 version can still be found in some clinics around the world, but the modern, phenol-free formula is the current industry favourite.

There’s also P50 V , P50 W and P50 PIGM400 – each tailored to different ‘Skin Instants’. Speaking of which…

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Another unique Biologique Recherche feature: the brand looks well beyond the standard oily, dry, combination skin types, instead focusing on what they call ‘Skin Instants’.

Think of it like this: every complexion is unique in its genetic makeup, but it also changes over the course of a day, a year, and a lifetime.

It’s impacted by external factors like climate, pollution and air conditioning, plus internal factors such as stress, hormones, diet and age.

Are you prone to both fine lines and blackheads? Do you live in a humid environment that might exacerbate oil production? Are you exposed to pollution on a daily basis? It all matters!

When you start your BR journey, you’ll begin with a detailed Skin Instant Lab® Consultation, where a trained aesthetician will determine your personal Skin Instant and tailor the product selection to you.

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Talking treatments

Biologique Recherche facials are an experience. Not only are the signature treatments heaven on Earth, but they also play a huge role in the brand’s overarching skin philosophy.

Following your Skin Instant© Lab Consultation (mapping out factors like barrier health, oil flow, the presence of bacteria, UV damage, signs of ageing, redness and moisture levels), your facial will be customised based on the results.

If you’re booked in for 90 minutes or longer, you’ll also experience the wonder of the Remodelling Face Device. Think of it like Pilates for your face; it zings just a little, but you’ll leave revitalised, glowing and with cheekbones to rival Bella Hadid.

We could go on and on about the product range, the ingredients, the A-list endorsements…But the takeaway here is that Biologique Recherche is a special skincare brand beyond your wildest dreams.

Yes, the smell is distinctive. Yes, the product names are unusual. But most importantly? It’s the real deal.

Experience the beauty of Biologique Recherche at MECCA Aesthetica. Bookings now open.

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