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Coping With Grief Over Mother’s Day, From Emma Lewisham

January 1 | 3 minute read

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As told to Darcy Brown

Originally published on | April 22

Content warning: the following contains themes that may be difficult for some readers.

As Mother’s Day approaches each year, for me it is a time of reflection on love and loss.

My mother left us when she was far too young, after losing her valiant battle with cancer. Many of you may know that this unexplainable loss was the precipice for me reevaluating all areas of my own health, which ultimately led me down the path of natural skincare and to the inception of Emma Lewisham.

Now, each year, Mother’s Day represents the ever-present reminder to slow down, to pause, and to truly remember – uninterrupted by the busyness of life – the wonderful woman my mum was; highlighted even more so after having a child of my own.

She left an imprint on my character that will forever be foundational to who I am, and the values she instilled in me still guide me each day, as a founder, a friend and a mother. She taught me the power of empathy, kindness and humility. She role-modelled incredibly hard work but equally showed me the importance of finding enjoyment in the everyday, having fun, never being above anything, and not taking life, or myself, too seriously.

Emma with her daughter Milla.

She was intelligent, funny, caring and selfless. Her favourite thing in the world was simply spending time with her four children. She dedicated so much of her life to giving us the opportunities she didn’t have growing up; working hard to give us a different life. She was endlessly proud of us. Our happiness was her happiness, something I understand deeply since becoming a mother myself, and just one of the many experiences I wish I could have shared with her.

While these ‘I wish you were here’ moments will always carry the reminder of what could have been, they also carry so, so much love. They are everyday gifts that remind me she is always present
Emma Lewisham

With loss comes the inevitable ‘I wish you were here’ moments. They aren’t reserved for Mother’s Day or birthdays or holidays – they filter into the everyday. It’s the little things you wish you could simply pick up the phone and share; from the challenges you face day to day, to funny things you heard on the radio, or shows you think they would love.

My mum was always my safe space to share my worries and joys. She loved nothing more than being with me throughout my days, sharing in my career growth, hearing about my travels and the interesting people I would meet along the way.

But while these ‘I wish you were here’ moments will always carry the reminder of what could have been, they also carry so, so much love. They are everyday gifts that remind me she is always present.

I love that I will forever be reminded of the things she loved or would have made her laugh. Grief is something that never really goes away, but I’ve found that with time, there is a softness that wraps around it, allowing it to quietly coexist and with it – hold, with care, some of my most precious memories.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to share my thoughts around Mother's Day and to put onto paper some of the feelings that arise each year. I am a big believer that we should talk about the things that are difficult to talk about, and that with vulnerability comes connection and understanding. It allows us to feel less alone.

For anyone else who finds today, and many other days, an amalgamation of emotions, I am here with you – embracing my loss while celebrating the indescribable love that remains.

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