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It’s New. In June. At MECCA

January 1 | 4 minute read

Memo New Beauty June 2024 Hero 16x9

Words by Kerri Gordon

Originally published on | May 27

I recently learnt that some of my favourite TikTok astrologers were total phonies (can you believe!?) which has left me lost and without a false sense of control over the coming weeks. One thing that is certain about my future, however (and yours), is that a whole lot of new beauty is about to enter it.

And with that, a part of me can sit back, relax, and know that everything – but especially the juiciness of my lips, the bounciness of my hair and the flawlessness of my complexion – will be alright.

I’ve tried and tested a selection of this month’s new arrivals, and there are some serious winners in the mix - here’s my pick of the new beauty landing at MECCA in June.


2024 is undeniably the year of the lip. Month on month we’re privy to new formulas that tick every box. Balmy, glossy, stainy, sheeny, velvety; you got it.

There’s a bit of everything coming our way in June, from Polite Society’s new-to-MECCA Polite Pout Glossy Lip Balms; best described as sheer, buttery and addictive; to MECCA MAX’s Lip Lock Balmy Stains, the ultimate “oh this? I threw it on,” lived-in lip product. There’s Westman Atelier’s uncharacteristically smooth-gliding, non-clingy Lip Suede Matte Lipsticks too, which, by the time you read this, I will have cleared my local MECCA of.

Admittedly, I’ve formed an emotional attachment to Jouer’s Tinted Hydrating Lip Oil. I never imagined it could get better than their Essential Lip Enhancer, my ride-or-die lip balm, but with its glassy shine and slippy texture, this lip oil has holy grail potential – especially atop Kosas’ Hotliner lip liners.


I’ve been lying to everyone I know about why my hair has been looking better than ever and I’ve just been told I have to keep that secret from you for another fortnight. So while I ruminate in my own good hair fortune, I come to tell you about someone else’s.

MECCA HQ’s curly girls are practically bouncing through the office after a rendezvous with the new Aveda Be Curly Advanced collection. These are some of the springiest, shiniest, most enviable curls I’ve ever seen. The epitome of ‘yours but better’ hair (not mine, which takes a ‘light as a feather, stiff as a board’ approach to texture). Word is, the Co-Wash and Curl Enhancer Cream are the outstanding stand-outs.

Speaking of hair fall, celebrity hairstylist and trichologist Helen Reavey’s brand Act+Acre is joining the MECCA lineup this month, to fanfare from the entire office. Not only did Helen bless the world with her styling skills on everyone’s favourite Harry Styles shoot, she’s also (and some say more importantly) formulated a collection of high-performing, skincare-minded hair products that tackle concerns at the root – literally. From flakiness to dryness, to greasiness, itchiness and thinning, her science-y, clinically proven haircare delivers on miracle-adjacent results.


I rarely stray from the comfort of my NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser, but with the hype they’ve garnered globally, I’ve been too curious not to dabble with Tom Ford’s Architecture Soft Matte Foundation - essentially a complexion melting pot of the best foundations you’ve ever tried - and Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Beauty Balm, which is like a cheat sheet (or rather, cheat stick) to a yours-but-better complexion.

The former is full coverage with a matte finish that ‘blurs’ the appearance of your skin, but not at the cost of radiance or dimension. It photographs impeccably and screams special occasion/wedding day foundation.

And the latter, by ABH, acts like an eraser for anything you don’t want on your face, gliding on with a serum-y texture to leave your skin with an even, hydrated, creamy-looking (but not at all makeuppy) finish. It’s a godsend for touch ups.


Head into your favourite MECCA and make a beeline to experience Perfumer H, the uncompromising London-based brand dreamt up by fragrance nose royalty, Lyn Harris. With some of the collection housed in handblown glass, the brand’s home and personal scents are the epitome of luxury (and my new gifting go-to). The scents vary, but I’d describe all as clear and concise. One more thing: beauty (and fashion’s) best worst-kept secret - the Acne Studios par Frederic Malle EDP - has landed at MECCA.

One spray on the decolletage and it smells like you’ve emerged from the bubbliest bubble bath, slipped into clothes laundered with the world’s most expensive detergent, and stumbled through a garden of alternating roses and orange blossoms as a ripe peach drips down your arm. Fashion fiends; run.

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