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Mardi Gras Makeup Inspiration Inside

January 1 | 4 minute read

Memo Mardi Gras Makeup Looks Hero 16x9

Words by Ruby Devlin

Originally published on | February 20

With the 2024 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras just a few sleeps away, the festival’s official makeup partner, MECCA MAX, is here to give you all the beauty inspiration you could possibly need!

With this year’s Mardi Gras themed ‘Our Future…’, makeup artist Gillian Campbell created tarot-inspired looks for an extra special campaign starring three MECCA team members – Banky, Chrystal and Beau. Here, they tell us what Mardi Gras means to them and how they’re wearing their MECCA MAX looks (featuring the new MECCA MAX Over The Top Holographic Eyeshadow Toppers).

Memo Mardi Gras Makeup Looks Portrait 3x4 2
Memo Mardi Gras Makeup Looks Portrait 3x4 1

Banky’s Inspiration: Shining brighter than the sun

Banky says Mardi Gras is a reminder to be loud and proud: “To me, [the festival] means inclusivity, individuality and love. It is a reminder for all of us and the younger generation that it is okay to be you.”

Banky says ‘The Sun’ was her favourite look of the campaign – and one she’ll be recreating for the festival itself!

“Everything from the hair, makeup and outfit is something I have never done before. Fun fact: I had my brows bleached for the first time!” she says, adding, “I definitely will need to get my hands on the MECCA MAX Over The Top Holographic Eyeshadow Toppers quickly, so I can recreate the two looks from the shoot – the most glittery toppers to get me ready to slay the dancefloor.”

Memo Mardi Gras Makeup Looks Portrait 3x4 4
Memo Mardi Gras Makeup Looks Portrait 3x4 3

Chrystal’s Inspiration: World Domination

For team member Chrystal, Mardi Gras is a time to reflect: “We remember all of the strong, resilient protesters and changemakers who have made so much of who we are, and what we have now, possible.

“Most of all, we campaign for continued action and progress on issues affecting our community.”

Chrystal says their favourite look of the campaign is the silver and pink look based on ‘The World’ tarot card, saying, “I’m a sucker for a graphic eye!”

They add, “I love that the look was based on ‘The World’, representing fulfilment, achievement and a pause before an exciting new journey.”

Memo Mardi Gras Makeup Looks Portrait 3x4 5
Memo Mardi Gras Makeup Looks Portrait 3x4 6

Beau’s Inspiration: Embr-Ace-ing Different Looks

Over the years, Mardi Gras has meant different things to Beau. “As I began to thrive in my early twenties, the season really began to morph into a celebration of the life and community that had embraced me with open arms,” he reveals.

In 2023, the WorldPride celebration made him pause and reflect on what Mardi Gras truly meant to him: “Reflection, education and providing support and encouragement to those who, like me, needed a community to call their own.”

This year, he’s most excited about the dedicated Mardi Gras services in-store at MECCA, calling it “an important opportunity to engage my team and local community in activations where they get to explore diversity together.”

He says his absolute favourite look of the campaign was his ‘Ace of Cups’ look. In tarot, the Ace of Cups represents new relationships and connections.

“My entire face (including complexion!) was completed with the MECCA MAX Over The Top Holographic Eyeshadow Topper by an incredible cohort of makeup artists – most excitingly including one of my own in-store Makeup Specialists, Celeste!”

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