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Everyone's Blushing: MECCA HQ Tries Our Most Popular Blushes

January 1 | 3 minute read

Memo New Blush Review Hero 16x9

Words by Lisa Marie Corso

Originally published on | July 5

Sure, blush has had its many moments historically – a given considering it dates back to ancient Egypt – but right now, you’ll see it in creams, liquids, powders and more adorning cheeks everywhere. Just look around; not a naked cheek in sight!

It’s easy to see why – a quick swipe is a shortcut to vitality with cheeks that look healthy and naturally flushed.

There are also a host of cheek-tickling trends that have come with the ‘blush boom’, making your face a canvas for applications that mimic everything from sunset gradients to rosy-cheeked vintage dolls.

Memo New Blush Review 16x9 1


With all that in mind, we handed out our most popular blush formulas to three of MECCA HQ’s certified blush enthusiasts – and one very recent convert – to try.

For Assistant Brand Manager Durdashi, blush falls into the same category as breakfast, brushing your teeth and attempting to get eight hours of sleep – an everyday essential. “I honestly feel naked without it,” she says.

Already a fan of the original NARS Blush, she was super excited to try the brand’s new powder formula, which promises a high colour payoff and up to 16 hours of wear.

“My first impression was that it applied and blended effortlessly,” she reveals, but it was the long-wearing pigment that really impressed Durdashi. “Typically, blush is the first thing to fade, but this one had remarkable staying power,” she tells us.
Everyone has their own never-leave-home-without-it products, and for Digital Marketing Assistant Tiana, it’s “at least three layers of cream and powder blush” (and, we assume, her wallet, phone and keys).

That’s how we knew this blush aficionado would be the ideal candidate to try Westman Atelier Baby Cheeks – a super-hydrating cream blush stick that delivers a flattering flash of illumination alongside a sheer wash of colour.

“I liked how easy it was to apply and I enjoyed how I didn’t need to set it with powder,” she says.

Beyond being a makeup time-saver, Tiana would recommend this Westman Atelier staple for “someone who is busy in the mornings and wants one really great product”.

Blush doesn’t usually feature in Videographer Nicole’s daily makeup routine and she was curious to see what it would bring to the table.

“Having rosacea and a usually very red face meant that I always assumed I had to steer clear of amping up my rosy cheeks,” she admits.

Poised and ready for appraisal was Stila Blush & Bronze Hydra-Blur Cheek Duo, a dual-ended essential that takes cheeks to their peak with a dewy finish.

“I loved how ‘juicy’ the product felt and just how easily it could be blurred out under my tinted moisturiser,” says Nicole. “I could definitely see myself wearing a soft layer to camouflage and even out my redness every day!”

Digital Analytics Implementation Specialist Vanessa is no stranger to blush: “I am a certified ‘blushaholic’; it’s a non-negotiable in my makeup routine.”

Naturally, VIOLETTE_FR’s Bisou Blush had been on her wishlist since it launched at MECCA, and in the spirit of granting everyday wishes, we gave her one to road test.

Featuring a swirl of two shades for a natural-looking luminous flush, this marbled, matte-but-not-flat cream did not disappoint.

“Sometimes I get ready for work at work, so I can see this being my everyday blush because I can apply it on the go with my fingers or use the inbuilt brush,” she says.

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