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A-List Tips for Better Makeup, Faster

January 1 | 4 minute read

Dual image of a model dashing out of shot and fingertips with eyeshadow on them.

Words by Arabella Roden

Originally published on | April 4

The theme for 2024? Doing more with less – and in beauty terms, that means conserving our most precious resource: time.

We tapped three experts – celebrity makeup artist Gucci Westman, Founder of Westman Atelier, Isle of Paradise Founder and self-tan legend Jules von Hep, and Stila’s Global Beauty Director and Head of Artistry, Charlie Riddle – to share their best tips to shave those crucial minutes from your daily routine.

From multitasking products (you can do what with self-tan?!) to lightning-quick application techniques, these hacks are designed to ease a little of the mental load, reduce decision fatigue, streamline your beauty bag and give you an instant confidence boost at the same time.

Use multitasking products

The number-one tip from Charlie Riddle – who’s worked with the likes of Amelia Dimoldenberg, Nicola Peltz-Beckham and Kerry Washington – is: “Go for products that have more than one purpose in your makeup routine; for example, I love using Stila Heaven’s Hue Highlighter not only as a cheek highlight but also as an eyeshadow, and you can use Convertible Color on lips and cheeks for a monochromatic pop.”

While you could use a separate primer, illuminator, colour-corrector and highlighter, Gucci Westman turns to one product that does it all: her Westman Atelier Liquid Super Loaded Tint. Calling it a “supercharged complexion enhancer”, she applies the transparent pink shade ‘Peau de Rose’ “all over” for a “natural brightening effect on skin that’s addictive” and the deeper golden ‘Peau de Soleil’ when she wants a “golden-hour” bronze.

(Oh, and it also doubles as skincare – “Over time, you will notice that the concentrated blend of vitamin C and nourishing oils retexturise, even tone and brighten your skin!” she says, which means you’ll need less concealer and foundation.)

Gucci Westman

Swap powders for creams

When it comes to express makeup, it’s all about the fast blend! Says Riddle, “Cream and gel-based products are easier to blend onto the skin than powders – they melt in,” adding that you can apply them with fingertips for “on-the-go application”.

He recommends Stila’s dual-ended, two-in-one Blush & Bronze Hydro-Blur Cheek Duo: “It can be used to contour and sculpt, add warmth and radiance and a flush of colour to the cheeks.

Headshot photo of Charlie Riddle, a celebrity makeup artist, wearing a grey T-shirt.

''Cream and gel-based products are easier to blend onto the skin than powders – they melt in''

Charlie Riddle, Global Beauty Director and Head of Artistry, Stila

Contour with self-tan

Call it a time-saving hack or ‘high maintenance thing I do to be low maintenance’, this technique – known as “tan-touring,” according to Jules von Hep – eliminates the need for daily contour and bronzing entirely!

“I’ve been doing this on my clients for years as part of my red-carpet spray tan service – it’s an amazing hack, whether for a movie premiere, school run, or both!” he says.

Here’s how: “Take a foundation brush and literally paint your face with self-tan on the areas you would usually contour or add shading – so outer brow, under cheekbones, jawline and outer nose,” advises von Hep, who recommends an eyeshadow blending brush if you need more precision in areas like the eyes or nose.

Then, “Using a beauty sponge or dual-fibre makeup brush, lightly sweep out the contour to blend with the rest of the face.”

He recommends using Isle of Paradise Express Self Tanning Mousse, which has a shorter development time and comes with a guide colour – “Essential for tan-touring, as you can see where you’re applying.”

Jules’ pro tip: “Ideally you want to do this at night, every four days. Apply when you get home from work and, if you like, shower off before bed. If you’re tan-touring as part of your usual full-body self-tanning routine, apply it at least an hour before any other self-tan.”

(Watch Jules demonstrate the self-tan contour technique here).

Jules von Hep

Embrace the failsafe lip

Complete your makeup look with a foolproof swipe: “Lip glosses and oils are great to throw on quickly when you’re in a rush because you don’t need a mirror to apply them,” says Riddle.

For a glimmering, high-shine look, try Stila Heaven’s Dew Lip Oil or Westman Atelier Squeaky Clean Liquid Lip Balm for a delicate sheen and tint.

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