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Skin SOS: how to read the signs

January 1 | 15 minute watch



Originally published on | April 5

When skin is out of balance, issues like dehydration, sensitivity and congestion are more likely to occur. MECCA education lead Francesca explains why you may experience these SOS signals and what skincare can help.

About this course:

How does your skin feel right now? Is it dry? Itchy? Maybe more congested than usual? Keeping your skin happy shouldn’t be stressful, overwhelming or confusing. That’s why we created this masterclass. MECCA Education Lead Francesca will show you how to spot the signs of unhappy skin and which formulations and ingredients to reach for to address – including demystifying common SOS signals like dehydration, sensitivity and congestion.

After this class, you'll be a pro at:

  1. Knowing how and why skin concerns like dehydration, sensitivity or congestion occur
  2. Choosing the correct ingredients and product formulations to target specific skin concerns
  3. Making lifestyle or routine changes to ensure you can take care of your skin concerns long term

What your learning journey looks like:

This masterclass builds on knowledge learned in MECCA’s Skin Fundamentals series: Skin Physiology 101: how it works and Get to know your skin type. It’s a good idea to complete Get to know your skin type first, but it’s not vital before you commence Skin SOS: how to read the signs

Our MECCA experts love sharing their knowledge with you in-store. Visit them to continue your skin journey or check out the curated list below to start building a skin routine that works for you.

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