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Retinol 101 with Verso Skincare

January 1 | 13 minute watch



Originally published on | June 30

Heard of retinol, but not sure where to start? Verso Skincare Founder Lars Fredriksson explains this powerhouse active ingredient, including what it does, what to look for in retinol skincare and the key dos and don’ts when using it.

Lars Fredriksson launched Verso Skincare in Stockholm, Sweden in 2013, based on a breakthrough patented ingredient called Retinol8 – a stabilised complex of vitamin A that is eight times more effective and half as irritative as conventional retinol. Join Lars in this lesson as he teaches you the Verso approach to retinol, including how it supports the skin, when to start using it and what to look for in retinol skincare.

What you’ll learn along the way:

  1. Retinol’s impact on the skin and key benefits.
  2. The difference between Retinol8 and conventional retinol.
  3. How to pick the right retinol formula for your skin and how to integrate it into your routine.

What your learning journey looks like:

This masterclass is part of our Explore Skin collection. Once you’ve completed this lesson; check out our other masterclasses, like Skin SOS: how to read the signs.

Our MECCA experts love sharing their knowledge with you in-store. Visit them to continue your skin journey or check out the curated list below to choose a retinol:

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