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Get to know the brand disrupting perfumes: A.N Other

January 1 | 3 minute read

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Words by Kerri Gordon and Darcy Brown

Originally published on | March 31

No rules, no limits, no nonsense - that’s the A.N Other way.

A fragrance house like no other, it offers some of the world's greatest perfumers total creative control and a virtually unlimited budget! The result is a collection of honest, perfected and uniquely modern scents. Before you fall madly in love with the range, here are four things to know about the brand.

It's what’s inside that matters

After discovering that less than 2 percent of the retail price of a standard fragrance pays for what’s inside the bottle, the A.N Other founders embarked on a mission to put the money otherwise spent on “gimmicks, mood stories, travel tales, or inflated brand egos” to better use.

A.N Other focuses on what's inside the bottle, reaching out to the world's best fragrance designers (like David Apel, the perfumer that created OR/2018 and the ‘nose’ behind cult-favourite scents from Le Labo, Jo Malone London and Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle) to create best-in-class scents that pride themselves on authentic craftsmanship, high-quality ingredients and materials, and the environment, all while ensuring an accessible price point for the fragrance wearer.

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All things considered

If it’s not the best, it’s not in an A.N Other fragrance! From the design of the bottles to the formula that waits inside, an elevated perfumery experience awaits. The brand’s minimalist (dare we say, Scandi chic) glass bottles paired with a unique magnetic spray cap feel nothing short of luxury, making the ideal asset for those in pursuit of aesthetically pleasing bedroom and bathroom interiors (your sign to add them to your moodboard). 


As for the scents, there are few physical or monetary boundaries in the way of creating an uncompromising collection. With the belief that true luxury is experiencing the highest-quality ingredients, each perfumer is instructed not to hold back on costs when formulating their best scent yet. For perfume designer Catherine Selig, this meant sourcing one tonne of the most expensive rose petals, handpicked from the legendary fields of Grasse in France.

Fragrance has no gender

The essence of A.N Other's collection is that it is accessible to everyone. And when you allow the most advanced perfumers to conjure your lineup, what results is a collection of niche aromas that transcend the gender labels that perfumes of old would attribute themselves to. The unique offering meticulously combines familiar notes with an untouched sensory realm, allowing the fragrance to become what the wearer makes it. If you are thinking of gifting a fragrance, we place a confident bet that these will reap a seal of approval.

Fragrances unlike anything you’ve smelled before

Intoxicating is an understatement — with five scents in the current lineup, take your pick from a woody, tranquil blend of sandalwood and pear by Patricia Bilodeau, a fresh spritz of crisp juniper and Madagascan ginger (reminiscent of gin cocktails) by Carlos Viñals, an oriental dream of vanilla, whisky and cannabis by David Apel,  a floral exploration of light and dark with leather and jasmine by Nathalie Benareau or a patchouli-and-bergamot dream by Catherine Selig.

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