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MECCAversity: How to Layer Fragrance With DedCool

January 1 | 7 minute watch



Originally published on | November 28

The search for your signature scent can often feel like a daunting task – trial, error and the seemingly eternal hunt to find a fragrance that feels unique to you. Luckily, DedCool founder Carina Chaz is here to make self-expression through scent simple – by teaching us how to mix, match and layer your fragrance!

About this course:

DedCool believes fragrance should be fun – that’s why Carina Chaz is sharing her tips on how to mix it up by curating a scent unique to you. Watch to find out how to use the brand’s signature layering scent, Milk, and how to flip your fragrance routine on its head. Then, you’ll learn how to take layering beyond the bottle by exploring the different textures and experiences of DedCool’s irreverent home-based daily touchpoints.

By watching this video, you’ll feel confident to:

1. How to layer fragrance effortlessly

2. How to combine DedCool fragrances to curate your unique signature scent

3. Extend fragrance layering throughout your day with DedCool’s everyday scented objects What your learning journey looks like: This masterclass is part of our ‘Explore fragrance’ collection. Want to learn more from the best in the beauty biz? Once you’ve completed this lesson, check out our other masterclasses like Fragrance for Energy with Yasmin Sewel and ARKIVE Scalp Massage with Adam Reed.

Our MECCA experts love sharing their knowledge with you in-store. Visit them to continue your journey or check out the curated list below, as chosen by Carina Chaz.

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