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What your favourite lip product says about you

January 1 | 5 minute read

Favourite Lip Product Hero 16x9

WORDS by Arabella Roden and Gemma Dawkins

Originally published on | February 22

You know your star, sun and moon signs, your Myers-Briggs type and whether you’re a Carrie or a Samantha.

And you’ve gotten distracted from folding your laundry more than once to determine your ultimate Disney character twin, your pop princess perfect match, and which cocktail matches your mood (slow news day?).

But now it’s time for the real-deal personality decoder: your favourite lip product. As red lips are to Gwen Stefani, creamy nudes are to Kim K, and bold deep hues are to Rihanna, your choice of lip product often defines your style and puts the cherry on top of your OOTD.

Are you a fan of a glossy lip? Prefer a matte look? All about the liner? Whatever your preference, what does your favourite lip product say about you?

From your approach to self-care to your ideal night out, here’s what we can tell about you, just from what your lips are wearing.


The life of the party, lip gloss fans are here to have fun – and look good doing it. With a unique style that combines cute with attitude, they love to have all eyes on them. Just don’t ask how many glosses are in their collection. Or how much they love Britney.

High shine, reflective gloss, sheer colour and a natural plump – what’s not to love about lip gloss? (Long hair lovers, don’t answer that. We’ve all had our hair stuck to our lips at one point.)

Lip gloss is often the first product to begin one’s beauty journey, so it’s a sweet and simple entrée to the magical world of makeup. A sniff of watermelon or peach scent can send us spiralling straight down memory lane, remembering that first lip-smacking application via squeezy tube or the oh-so-grown-up doe foot applicator wand.

But there’s nothing past-it about lip gloss, especially thanks to the 2000s resurgence. A glossy look says effortless, fun and laid back. Layer it over lipstick for a high-voltage sheen to your pigment, or wear it solo for a look that says ‘I’m just naturally this glowy.’


We’ll say it now: lipstick lovers have got it together.

Whether you’re a fan of a natural nude or a bold, neon bright, lipstick doesn’t just wear itself. There’s prep required. Liner to start, and then you’ll need a steady hand to nail the application. But no sweat – lipstick lovers are cool, calm and collected.

They love the classics, and there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s an elegance and a timelessness to lipstick fans; they’ll be the first to say their beauty icon is their mum (and she knows her stuff.) Favouring tried-and-tested beauty that’s earned its reputation (yes, they’ll read 50 reviews before they add to cart), they probably had a proper grown-up skincare routine years before anyone else.

And there’s no denying it: they’re on to a good thing. After all, how would Marilyn Monroe have given autographs without her signature red pout to punctuate? Plus, with a veritable rainbow of colours to choose from, lipstick wearers are bold and decisive. Just don’t go kissing any collars.


Lip tint lovers don’t just aspire to French-girl ‘je ne sais quoi’ cool, they live it. Think Marion Cotillard’s plum wine stain and Vanessa Paradis in a berry tint. Chic and understated with a romantic streak, their beauty mantra is ‘effortless and undetectable.’ And, like their trusty vintage blazer with the oh-so flattering cut, their makeup bag is full of multi-use staples that work for all occasions (but especially date nights in Parisian wine bars).

The lip tint offers the colour saturation and staying power of a lipstick, with the undone, laid back style of a balm or gloss. In a tint you won’t look like you’ve tried too hard (oh, this? I just had it in the bottom of my bag.) And for those of us who love a lazy sleep in, the lip tint is the ultimate hack to simplifying your routine and your product lineup. Often doubling as an eye and cheek tint too, it’s a one-and-done situation. Take your slept-in blowdry, add a lip tint and mascara, and you’re good to go. Perfect for nailing that Kate Moss, bedhead-but-better effortless beauty.


‘Take what you’ve got and make it better’ are the words lip liner fans live by. The masters of enhancing their natural features – and their lives – they’re always levelling up. Plus, they love a ‘90s vibe. We’re talking Brandy. We’re talking Mariah. We’re talking Queen Bey herself.

Don’t be fooled by the low-maintenance façade; every inch of a lip liner lover’s look has been carefully selected for maximum impact. They’ll take their natural lip shape as just a light suggestion – contouring, overlining and shading until they’ve created a work of art. Perfectionists by heart, they’re excellent negotiators who can always see the potential, and have the edge to get there.

And while the humble lip liner may look like a simple tool, the options are really endless. Match to your lipstick for a flawless finish with edges like a razor, or use a contrasting tone to faux plumper lips or even experiment with an ombre look.


High maintenance? More like main character. If you can’t live without your liquid lipstick, chances are you’re someone who’s willing to put in the effort to look your absolute best (you’re welcome, world). Unapologetically creative and expressive, experimental makeup, high-voltage vibes and ’gram-worthy glam are all in a day’s work for the liquid lipstick lover.

Liquid lipstick provides the handling quality of a gloss with the powerful pigment of a lipstick. If you find a lipstick just doesn’t cut it for you in the application process (after all, you like those edges crisp), then a liquid lipstick might be the one for you. Glides on and then does. Not. Budge. And that’s before we’ve talked about combining colours, blending a darker outer colour into a lighter one applied centrally to create depth and definition. Because liquid lipstick lovers aren’t here to do basic.


A self-care queen! The lip balm lover knows life is all about treating themselves to luxurious, nourishing and comfortable beauty that feels – and does – good. Not ones to suffer for glamour, they take a practical approach to everything in life (and you can bet they always come prepared!). Catch them at the farmer’s market on a Sunday with that signature glow, because nothing looks better than good health. And you can bet they’ve had their eight hours of sleep. And been to yoga.

The trusty lip balm is the ultimate skincare-meets-cosmetics transition product, since it actively hydrates and nourishes your lips while giving them a dewy, bare-faced and beautiful look. We’ve come a long way since our Vaseline days, and we won’t be going back.

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