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Expressive eyes with Urban Decay

January 1 | 11 minute watch


Words by MECCAversity

Originally published on | March 27

Global Makeup Artist at Urban Decay Cosmetics, Steve Kassajikian, breaks down how to use colour on your eyes to create a bold, expressive eyeshadow look.

About this course:

Steve Kassajikian has been Urban Decay’s Global Makeup Artist for over a decade – making him the expert on creating bold, playful makeup looks that express individuality. Which is why we couldn’t think of anyone better to lead this masterclass on how to create a colourful eyeshadow look.

Join Steve as he breaks down how to choose the right bold colours for your look, which products to use and the techniques to apply your eyeshadow like a pro (and most importantly? What to do when things go wrong, and you’ve got colourful makeup everywhere!).

What you’ll learn along the way:

  1. Which products to use to create colourful eyeshadow looks.
  2. Expert application techniques.
  3. Troubleshooting – what to do when things go wrong.

What your learning journey looks like:

This masterclass is part of our Explore Makeup collection. Once you’ve completed this lesson, check out our other masterclasses, like ‘MECCA MAX bold eye’ or ‘All about eyes, lids, liner, lashes.'

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