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8 Tips to Achieve Pro-Looking Makeup

January 1 | 2 minute read

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Words by Ruby Devlin

Originally published on | March 18

Have you ever looked at a face made up by a professional makeup artist and wondered ‘How do they do it?’.

If you’re finding no matter how much you blend, your makeup isn’t ‘makeup-ing’ like it used to, it might be time to call in the experts.

To help you out, we tapped three professional makeup artists – who between them have painted thousands of faces and spent decades in the industry – to share their advice on making your makeup look like it was done by a pro, every time.

Here’s what they had to say…

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NARS Global Artistry Director Jane Richardson

The work of NARS Global Artistry Director Jane Richardson has graced runways and magazine covers around the world. She told us it’s all about getting creative.

1, Make mistakes
“I have to say that a lot of ‘mistakes’ often make for the most intriguing and beautiful looks when it comes to makeup.” Richardson explains.

2. Experiment without pressure
“When I say ‘play’, I mean really get to know it! Apply [products] in the way you are told, then in a way that you are not,” Richardson tells us, adding “You will not only become more confident in how you wear it, but also will pick up products that have been ignored at the bottom of your makeup bag for months.”

3. Switch it up
“Be confident enough to either leave something out of your routine or take something off. We are creatures of habit and tend to do the same thing over and over. This simple change can help you feel fresher,” she says.

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Smashbox Global Pro Lead Artist Lori Taylor Davis

Smashbox Global Pro Lead Artist Lori Taylor Davis – who has painted the face of everyone from Bruno Mars to Betty White – reminds us to pay attention to what’s underneath your makeup.

4. Never skip skin prep
“Healthy, nourished skin is the perfect canvas for makeup. Prioritise skincare to ensure your skin is clean, hydrated and prepped for makeup application,” Davis tells us.

5. Meet your match
“Ensure that your foundation matches your skin tone perfect. Choosing a shade that is darker than your complexion can sometimes leave the complexion looking muddy,” she says, before adding, “You can always warm up the complexion with bronzer.”

6. Avoid over applying
“Don't feel pressured to layer on too much makeup,” Davis says. “Instead, opt for a more natural look by using minimal products and focusing on enhancing your features.”

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MECCA Head of Artistry Hannah Daniel

According to MECCA’s Head of Artistry, Hannah Daniel, playing ‘dress up’ with our makeup bags and taking photos is the secret to taking your makeup to the next level.

7. It’s all about you(r features)
“Think about your own unique eye and face shape and consider how you can enhance that. Not all makeup application tips work for everyone,” Daniel says.

8. Get advice tailored to you, instead of your algorithm...
Daniels encourages booking a makeup lesson in store: “Your artist can help you find colours that work with your complexion or maybe they’ll teach you how to use a product you’ve been eyeing up – in a totally safe space.”

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