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I trained with FaceGym’s elite team – here’s what I learnt

January 1 | 4 minute read

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Words by Christie Sinclair

Originally published on | January 14

In Sydney? Heading to Sydney soon? You’ll want to, because FaceGym has officially arrived at MECCA.

Yes, you can now book the cult-favourite facial workout beloved by model Bella Hadid and Love Island’s Molly-Mae Hague at the first FaceGym studio in the southern hemisphere, permanently located at MECCA’s George Street flagship.

The British-born brand, founded by entrepreneur and journalist Inge Theron, is known for its ‘rigorous’ facial workouts (more on that below) that combine high-tech devices (expect radio frequency and frozen CO2) with whipping, knuckling and pinching movements (pain-free, don’t worry!) to instantly sculpt your cheeks and jawline – and leave you with incredibly tight, lifted skin. Want to know more before you take your face to the gym? Ahead of the opening of FaceGym’s debut Australian studio, we spoke to the first certified FaceGym trainers in the southern hemisphere – MECCA education team members Georgi Strachan and Natasha Khoshmashrab – who travelled to London to learn the moves from the brand’s elite trainers. Here's everything you need to know, including what your skin is actually in for when you book a FaceGym workout.

Facial massage 101

While FaceGym founder Inge Theron assures us we won’t be breaking a sweat while in the studio, the same can’t be said for the trainers. “No amount of experience prepared me for how strong my hands would need to be,” revealed Natasha after the first week of bootcamp at FaceGym’s London studio. “Learning to move my hands in many different ways and how to distribute my pressure around – not only through my hands but also my body – was something to get used to. It really brought the ‘gym’ in FaceGym to life for me.” Giorgi agreed: “Ensuring your hands are strong and able to deliver signature moves such as deep tissue sculpting, percussion movement and cardio requires daily practise and finesse.”

It’s all in the hands

The brand’s rise to fame has a lot to do with the unique combination of cutting-edge devices, skincare and massage manoeuvres. But, according to both Giorgi and Natasha, the transformative power of the ‘workout’ lies in your hands. “Your hands are your strongest tools; it’s not just about the formulation, but also how you apply it to enhance its efficacy; and training and consistency will deliver the desired results,” says Giorgi.

The one tip that really stuck with Natasha? “Pressure, pressure and yes… more pressure!” she says, adding, “The tension our face holds can creep up on us until it becomes our norm – but introducing pressure when massaging the face can create the biggest difference to your skin and appearance.”

Hard work pays off

The uninitiated might wince at the mention of kneading, whipping, knuckling and pinching – moves included in every workout. It does sound painful; but those who have experienced the FaceGym treatment say that’s not the case. Instead, the workouts use “strong pressure to access the muscles of the face – this is part of what sculpts, lifts and tones the face compared to more traditional methods,” Giorgi explains. “The deeper work on the face also helps release tension that may be present in areas such as the masseter (jaw) and procerus (centre brow).”

Signature moves, down under

What exactly can we expect from FaceGym’s MECCA studio? The very same hands-on, full face sculpting workouts available across the UK and US, says Giorgi. “I loved working alongside the FaceGym team to ensure we bring the full 360-degree FaceGym experience to Australia and elevate our workouts so our customers leave their appointments sculpted and lifted!” she says.

Take your workout with you

Captivated? Intrigued? Don’t worry if you can’t make it to Sydney (sigh) for the full FaceGym treatment, as the at-home range is exclusively available in-store and online at MECCA. From the vitamin C gel branded as ‘Liftwear’ to that curious little red ball, this is far from any skincare routine you’ve tried before. What should you start with? Giorgi recommends the Hydrating Active Roller: “This is the perfect introduction to active ingredients and microneedling. The crystallised shape of the ingredients increases the absorption of the actives, but it is virtually pain-free when applied – a win from me!”

The Active Blast, a concentrated seven-day collagen treatment, is another innovative product that Natasha says is equal parts efficacious and satisfying to use. “Type 3 collagen is encapsulated in spheres and freeze-dried to ensure stability. Once blended with a water-based serum (try the Hydro-Bound Daily Hydration Serum), the spheres dissolve and com bine with the serum to promote skin brightness and resilience!”

And that red ball…

mThe Face Ball – what does it do and how do you use it? Well, it’s just like a yoga ball – but for your face. Explains Giorgi, “The weighted Face Ball is designed to release tension, aid with lymphatic drainage and increase circulation. Use it before applying your hydration products.”

Giorgi reveals it’s become her go-to for tension release and muscle stretching. She presses and scoops the ball over her brow area and under her cheek bones for extra lift and shape in the mornings. “You can also roll it over your jaw if you hold a lot of tension from teeth grinding and over your chest to help jump start your lymphatics in the morning!”

Everyday moves

If the gym isn’t a New Year’s resolution you can commit to, facial massage is one you’ll want to get behind in the quest for great skin. Since the FaceGym bootcamp, Giorgi reveals she has incorporated invigorating and sculpting movements into her morning routine to help wake up her skin and muscles. “Something as simple as knuckling my cleanser into the skin and sweeping it over my cheeks and jawline makes a big difference to how my skin looks and feels daily,” she says, adding, “I use the QR codes on my FaceGym products as a gentle reminder should I forget any moves!”

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