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The MECCA-approved routine for dry skin

January 1 | 4 minute read

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Originally published on | December 1

It's one of the most-asked (and most confusing) skin questions we get, so right off the bat, let's clear it up: there is a difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin.

While dehydrated skin refers to a lack of water in the skin and can be caused by things like not drinking enough water or consuming too much caffeine or alcohol, dry skin is a skin type where skin lacks natural oils (known as sebum).

Because dry skin doesn't produce enough sebum, it struggles to retain moisture and defend itself against environmental aggressors. How do you know if you have dry skin? You might notice your face feels ‘tight’ or uncomfortable, with a ‘stripped’ feeling after cleansing. It may also be prone to itching and flaking. As we age, our skin type tends to become more dry.

Sound like you? Read on for the skincare solutions!

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Because dry skin doesn't produce enough sebum, it struggles to retain moisture and defend itself against environmental aggressors.

The best skincare routine for dry skin

The aim of the game is keeping moisture in – and everything else out! So, look for skincare that's loaded with ingredients that function as emollients (which lubricate and soften skin while also preventing water loss) and humectants (which behave like sponges, attracting water), as well as ceramides, which are lipids that also help skin lock in moisture.

Think: plant oils and extracts, hyaluronic acid and glycerine, plus barrier-supporting antioxidants and peptides.

In the morning

In the morning, start with a gentle cream or oil cleanser that won't strip the skin, like Glow Recipe Avocado Ceramide Moisture Barrier Cream Cleanser and Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser.

Next, while skin is still damp, layer on your serums – starting with hyaluronic acid (we like the Ultra-High Potency version from Kiehls’) – and a moisturiser to seal it in. And of course, top it off with sunscreen. If you're extra dry, look for a sunscreen with hydrating ingredients, like the niacinamide-infused MECCA COSMETICA To Save Face SPF50+ Brightening Sun Serum.

In the evening

It’s all about overnight repair! Reach again for your non-foaming cleanser (you can preface this with a balm or oil cleanser to melt away makeup and sunscreen), then add an essence (Team MECCA’s picks: Tatcha The Essence and La Mer The Treatment Lotion) to infuse even more hydration and boost the serums you layer on top.

A replenishing, barrier-supporting treatment, like Cosmetics 27 Baume 27 Serum, comes next, locked in with a richer moisturiser, sleeping mask or facial oil (Go-To’s Face Hero is in our Beauty Election Hall of Fame for a reason, and combines 10 different plant oils for serious skin-rejuvenating power!).

Or try slugging: coating your face overnight with a layer of petroleum jelly (it's an emollient) that forms a protective seal to trap water and moisture in the skin.
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Once or twice a week, treat dry skin to a nourishing and moisturising mask. Most of the masks formulated for this skin type will be of the ‘apply and tissue off the excess’ variety, but you might find that your skin drinks a lot of it up and there’s nothing left to tissue off!

And don’t forget…

- Apply products straight out of the shower: damp skin absorbs product more effectively and some ingredients will actually help seal in any water that’s sitting on the surface of your skin.
- A hydrating facial mist is the quickest way to give skin a tall drink of water at any time of day (and it won’t mess up your makeup!) – for a luxe option: Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist and for everyday, turn to Mario Badescu.
- Turn down the water temperature in the shower, as heat can further dry out the skin.
- A humidifier might be a worthwhile investment: these add moisture in the air and help reduce the evaporation of moisture from your skin.

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