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The New Westman Atelier Drop For Your Glowiest Skin Yet

January 1 | 2 minute read

Memo Westman Atelier Liquid Tint Review Hero 16x9

Words by Christie Sinclair

Originally published on | January 28

You could be the healthiest person in existence, but late nights, work deadlines and/or small children who prefer not to sleep will still dull your glow from time to time. Thankfully, there are myriad ways to make the world believe you’re one of those well-rested, naturally fresh-faced people we’ve all looked at in awe during a 5:00am Pilates class.

Most of them – bronzers, illuminators, skin tints – work their magic momentarily, but there are others, like the new skincare-infused illuminating drops from Westman Atelier, that go the extra mile to enhance your complexion even after you wash them off.

The Liquid Super Loaded Tint, the latest innovation from the master of glow (aka celebrity makeup artist Gucci Westman) is touted as a ‘complexion enhancer’. But loaded with vitamin C, avocado oil and tsubaki oil (you’ll find this Japanese camellia oil in a number of Westman’s luminous creations, including the Vital Skincare Complexion Drops) which offer long-term benefits – from evening tone to brightening, it almost feels more at home in the skincare category than makeup.

There are three shades – ‘Peau de Rosé’, a cool oyster pink, ‘Peau de Pêche’, warm nude peach, and ‘Peau de Soleil’, a golden-hour bronze – each held in effortlessly chic packaging (like all products in the Westman Atelier line). And while complexion drops can be hard to work with, this formula glides on and sinks in like a lightweight serum, leaving a glossy kind of incandescence that could otherwise only be achieved from physical activity.

“The delicate sheerness of this formula is so intuitive and super versatile,” says Westman. “Wear it alone as a skin-boosting pick-me-up, under foundation as a nourishing prep or over foundation as a targeted highlight”. We tried all of these techniques, as you’ll see below, and the reviews are as expected – glowing.

Here’s what MECCA HQ had to say….

Memo Westman Atelier Liquid Tint Review 3x4 2
Memo Westman Atelier Liquid Tint Review 3x4 7

Only on the high points

According to Junior Brand Manager Isabella, a good highlighter, brow soap and a swipe of blush are the foundation of the perfect everyday look. Already a fan of Westman Atelier’s cream-texture Super Loaded Tinted Highlighter, she couldn’t wait to trial this new launch. The verdict? “New favourite highlighter alert!” she shares. “I mixed the shade ‘Peau de Pêche’ into my liquid blush for a glowy wash of colour, and added it alone to the inner corner of my eye for a luminous pop!”

Memo Westman Atelier Liquid Tint Review 3x4 6
Memo Westman Atelier Liquid Tint Review 3x4 1

First, as a base

With impressively luminous skin already, we weren’t convinced Digital eCommerce Analyst Shivan’s visage could get any better. But it did, of course! Shivan applied the shade ‘Peau de Soleil’ as a base under his foundation, then dabbed a little more on top as a highlight. “This product felt very lightweight and left my skin dewy and glowing effortlessly,” he revealed, adding, “I also love how the packaging is sustainable – made from renewable sugarcane waste.”

Memo Westman Atelier Liquid Tint Review 3x4 3
Memo Westman Atelier Liquid Tint Review 3x4 8

Cocktailed with foundation

If MECCA’s Content Director Romy is wearing makeup, it’s Westman Atelier – so we had to know her thoughts on the new launch. “I mixed the ‘Peau de Rosé’ drops into my moisturiser for an all-over, brightening glow, then applied Westman Atelier Vital Skincare Complexion Drops and Vital Skin Foundation & Concealer Stick as a concealer over the top,” she explains. More drops were then applied to the top of her cheekbone and brow bone, like a highlighter. “I like how you can build up the glow. I’ll be getting the bronze shade as well!”

Memo Westman Atelier Liquid Tint Review 3x4 4
Memo Westman Atelier Liquid Tint Review 3x4 9

To glow all over

Marissa, MECCA’s Acting Head of Brand Marketing, Campaigns and Operations doesn’t usually wear foundation; just a swipe of concealer under the eyes and she’s ready to face the day – making her the perfect candidate for these drops! “I blended the shade ‘Peau de Pêche’ lightly onto my face with fingers and added extra in the shade ‘Peau de Soleil’ on my cheeks and brow bones as a highlighter,” she explains. Favouring a bare-faced everyday look, Marissa loved how easy it was to apply – and the natural finish: “It gives a warm glow that immediately wakes up the face.”


The 'Gucci' glow

You might be wondering if Westman has a favourite? "'Peau de Soleil' and 'Peau de Rose' are my two staples I wear every single day, in every season,” she reveals. As for how to apply them like an expert? “I always use my fingers!” says Westman. “I use 'Peau de Rose' under my eyes, forehead, bridge of nose, cheekbones, chin and cupid's bow – it’s so brightening. 'Peau de Soleil' I like to use after foundation – it is perfect if you love the look of warm, glowy skin!”

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