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A MECCA Mum's Guide to Beauty Gifts For Teens

January 1 | 2 minute read

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Words by Christie Sinclair

Originally published on | November 15

Remember a time when you had to rely on magazines for your beauty fix? A whole month would pass before you could brush up on the latest trends and tips from beauty insiders and the Hollywood A list. Imagine, now, having to save up your pocket money, drive to the newsagent and purchase your beauty content?

This must sound bizarre to the newest generation of beauty lovers who, as digital natives, have always had access to content on demand. Thanks to #BeautyTok, Snapchat and Instagram, Generation Alpha (Gen A) aren’t just slathering on Mum’s moisturiser either, they’re already baking (not in the kitchen) and strobing (not a new dance craze), multi-masking and double cleansing.

What’s even more bizarre is a generation who can’t yet earn a living – the eldest Alphas are only 13 – are fast becoming the biggest consumers of beauty. In short, they’re crazy about it.

This is all very important background information when it comes to gift giving for the Gen As in your life. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the thought of shopping for them, a visit to MECCA is the only guidance you need, according to Kate Blythe, MECCA’s Chief Marketing Officer and mum of two beauty-obsessed daughters.

“You will never go wrong with the brands that are currently trending,” shares Blythe. “Start with Sol de JanieroGlow RecipeDrunk ElephantSummer FridaysMECCA MAX and Charlotte Tilbury.''

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But with their level of beauty knowledge and affinity for brands that only seem to appear on their TikTok For You Pages, there are very specific products Gen As are looking for. So, to make sure your selection will guarantee gasps of delight, we went straight to the source and asked Blythe’s daughters, Florence (age 11) and Lilian (age 13) for their expert advice. Here’s what you need to know.

Narrowing down just one beauty gift is near impossible

Not surprising, given their favourite pastimes include watching #GRWM videos and an after-school trip to MECCA. “One beauty gift, that’s really hard – it’s like asking me to pick a favourite parent!” says Florence.

But if she had to choose... “I would love Glow Recipe’s Watermelon Glow Ultra-Fine Mist, the MECCA MAX NIGHT DUTY Hydrating Overnight Jelly Mask or the MECCA MAX THIRST IMPRESSION Priming Hydrating Moisturiser – I love it with all my heart,” Florence reveals.

“I would go for either a MECCA COSMETICA skincare set [editor’s note: try The Mask Library or the Daily Defenders set for hydrating and sun-protecting picks that go easy on the actives for younger skin] or a Glow Recipe skincare set – everyone loves Glow Recipe,” shares Lilian.

“For a dream gift, I would love a Holiday set from Charlotte Tilbury,” she adds. “The setting spray, the wands, the Hollywood Flawless Filter – it doesn’t get better!”

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They know their Floral Street from their Maison Francis Kurkdijan…

In other words, tweens and teens of today have a taste for finer fragrances, and based off their insights, the budding scent fanatics you’re shopping for will be elated with discovery sets from MECCA.

“If I could choose any fragrance, it would be a mini Maison Margiela REPLICA set or a D.S. & DURGA set with a selection of floral scents for every day as well as some fancy scents for the evening. I love the D.S. & DURGA candles, too,” shares Florence.

Adds Lilian, “I would love to receive any Sol de Janeiro mist, especially the new After Hours Perfume Mist.”

Overall, trending beauty products make the best gifts  

In school corridors, there’s a permanent haze of Cheirosa 62. And don’t be alarmed if you hear them mention the word ‘Drunk’, it’s the skincare brand taking ‘fresh-faced’ to an entirely new level. You can’t go wrong with these brands, but both Florence and Lilian agree that this year’s most-wanted gifts are the Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balms, Charlotte Tilbury’s Hollwood Flawless Filter and anything Gisou.

And if all else fails…

“Tweens love minis, so sets are a no-brainer and will always delight,” explains Blythe. “I always keep a stash of sets and minis for last-minute gifting. Fragrance discovery sets are a great option – I like to split them up and include them as little extras with other gifts.” You heard it here first!

Still on the hunt for a gift that will put you firmly in the favourite friend or family member category? Try our gifting quiz.

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