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Make Gifting Your Love Language, with TikTok’s Lucinda McGarrity

January 1 | 3 minute read

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Words by Darcy Brown

Originally published on | April 16

We all have that one ‘I saw this and thought of you' friend. If you happen to be said friend, chances are 'gift-giving' ranks high on your list of love languages.

And if you're not; fear not! Lucinda McGarrity, TikTok's greatest gift-guide guide, is here to give us a lesson in linguistics. Fluent in kind words and the art of selecting the perfect present, she’s always on the lookout for ‘little somethings’ for her favourite people. “These gifts are usually spontaneous, sparked by some tiny luxury that reminds me of someone special," she says.

Here are her gift picks for those who least expect it – just because!

Bookmark this one for Mother's Day (coming up on Sunday 12 May)...

For the host who does the most
Diptyque Figuier Candle

Charcuterie, champagne and oysters – freshly shucked, of course! This is the person in your life who goes all-out to put on the perfect spread. McGarrity would pay back the host’s hospitality by bringing along a conversation-sparking candle to their next dinner party: “It's ideal for the homemaker or host looking to create a welcoming atmosphere.”

For the gloss addict
Gisou Honey Infused Lip Oil 

They’re always the first to make friends in the nightclub bathroom, and they’re the owner of the world’s most enviable ‘lip combo’ – so treating them to this glossy formula is bound to blow them away! "It can be hard to find a lip oil that feels lush yet isn’t sticky (long hair problems); however, Gisou has nailed this," confirms McGarrity.

Sleep reigns as the number-one act of self-care, and any wellness fan worth their Epsom salt undoubtedly prioritises it above all else. "The Slip MECCA Exclusive Lovely Lashes Contour Sleep Mask is perfect for the person who takes their sleep more seriously than their skincare routine," notes McGarrity. Bonus: they'll maintain their flawless lashes too, thanks to this mask's thoughtful contoured design.

For the designated driver
DedCool Air Freshener 01 "Taunt"

Whether it's their Tesla obsession, schedule full of school runs, or penchant for spontaneous weekend road trips, those with extended hours behind the wheel deserve a hint of indulgence. McGarrity would pick up this addictively scented accessory for anyone who wants (or needs) to give their vehicle's interior a subtle upgrade. "Say goodbye to the pine tree – and hello to this sultry air freshener,'' she says.

Those with a keen eye for detail can often be the hardest to gift for. Step into their hotel-style bathroom, and you'll find meticulously folded towels and toilet paper pointed at the tip, almost begging you not to use them. According to McGarrity, Officine Universelle Buly Lait Virginal Damask Rose Body Milk is the perfect way to show you appreciate it: "They'll want to display this gorgeous bottle on every mantle possible."

As your loved ones juggle personal and professional commitments amidst a whirlwind schedule, you might wonder how to offer support or show that you care. "Gift a moment of calm with this wearable aromatherapy oil," suggests McGarrity. A deep inhale will help take their mindset to a place of focus and calm. "It's perfect for busy bees that appreciate mindfulness but struggle to allocate time for it," she adds.

You show up for lunch, eagerly anticipating your friend's arrival, ready to hear their latest wild tale and admire their fresh (yet impulsive) haircut. By now, nothing surprises you – but why not surprise them for a change? Gift them with a complete fragrance wardrobe to match every one of their ever-changing personas. According to McGarrity, this elevated discovery kit is "perfect for the friend that likes to change it up or takes a little more time to choose a favourite."

"I have a birthday party this weekend." Wait, didn't you say that last weekend, and the weekend before that? For a friend whose jam-packed social calendar leaves you exhausted just hearing about it, the gift of glowing skin will always be a winner. McGarrity says, "This mask is the perfect addition to a night in or skincare routine before a big night out." So, whether they're preparing for yet another round of celebrations or finally taking a well-deserved break (we'll see how long that lasts!), they'll really appreciate this.

Shop gifts for everyone in your life (including Mum!) at MECCA.

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