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Dyson’s New Hair Dryer is Smarter Than The Rest

January 1 | 2 minute watch


Words by Kerri Gordon

Originally published on | May 8

Less than a decade ago, if you told someone that their favourite vacuum brand would have the beauty industry in a chokehold, they’d think you were crazy.

But today, no-one is doing it like Dyson; delivering on high-tech hair tools that make sleek ’dos and bouncy blowouts both achievable at home and significantly better for the health of your hair.

The brand’s newest launch, the Supersonic Nural™ Intelligent Hair Dryer is a smarty pants; it senses how close the dryer is held to your scalp and automatically adjusts to a safe, non-scalding temperature, learns your hair type and drying preferences for a better, more seamless blow dry, and puts itself to rest when you place it down on your bench – fiddle-free.

The dryer’s five unique and cleverly designed attachments are just as game-changing as its sensorial tech – especially the flyaway attachment, which, as you’ll watch in this video, miraculously smooths the hair for sleek, shiny results once reserved for the salon.

Ashlee and Britt from MECCA HQ put it to the test!

Mecca Tries Dyson Nural Portrait 3x4 1
Mecca Tries Dyson Nural Portrait 3x4 2

Ashlee, Serial Styler

“This is the only hair tool my hairdresser will let me use,” spilled Assistant Brand Manager Ashlee, noting she’s prone to over-styling – and frying and singeing her Barbie blonde.

“It’s nice to know your dryer has your best interest at heart!” she laughed between blasts in the MECCA studio.

Mecca Tries Dyson Nural Portrait 3x4 3
Mecca Tries Dyson Nural Portrait 3x4 4

Ashlee was all about the flyaway smoothing attachment, which nearly unhinged her jaw (and ours behind the camera) as it silky-fied her freshly washed ‘fluff’.

The result? Smooth, flippy, ‘rich girl’ hair, with a newfound glossiness and a better chance at long-term growth.

Mecca Tries Dyson Nural Portrait 3x4 5
Mecca Tries Dyson Nural Portrait 3x4 6

Brittany, Volume Queen

PR Manager Brittany’s hair is well-endowed in the volume department – beautifully thick and wavy, it likes to ‘do its own thing’. With a preference for shiny, bouncy blowouts, the Supersonic Nural™ is her ticket to glossy lengths that bring the volume, without the frizz.

“I’m honestly shocked at how effective this dryer is in creating a ‘look’, versus others I’ve tried,” she told us. “It feels intuitive to hold, and the attachments make it straightforward to achieve your desired result – in my case, a more polished wave.”

Mecca Tries Dyson Nural Portrait 3x4 7
Mecca Tries Dyson Nural Portrait 3x4 8

Like Ashlee, Brittany was thrilled with the dryer’s automated intelligence: “I’ve been incorporating more scalp care – serums, scrubs and the like – into my routine to protect my hair from the root, so it makes sense to apply that same logic to how I dry my hair, too.”

Tousling her perfectly styled hair post-Dyson blow-wave, she added, “This is ace!”

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