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How to: winged eyeliner tutorial

May 11 | 3 minute watch


Words by Emily Deacon and Gracie Clough

Originally published on | September 5

A classic winged eye can make all the difference to a makeup look. Paired with your favourite red lipstick or smoky eye, a transformative winged eyeliner is the cherry on top of any beauty look!

But, sometimes creating the perfect flick isn’t the easiest thing to master on your first application. With a range of different eyeliner formulas and eye shapes to consider, the best way to master applying winged eyeliner is with plenty of practice – along with some tips and from MECCA HQ. You’ll be winging out in your sleep in no time.

Which products are best for winged eyeliner?

When selecting your eyeliner of choice, it’s important to keep your beauty end goal in mind. Just like your favourite lipsticks, foundations and mascaras, different eyeliner formulas create different effects!

If a crisp cat-eye or bold ‘60s flick is what you seek, a liquid eyeliner pen will be your go-to. In the mood for something softer? A gel liner pot can create a structured yet diffused result. If you’re dipping your toes in the eyeliner waters, map out your wing with a black or brown eyeshadow on an angled brush. Once you have your outline, you can then build up the shadow’s intensity by spraying your liner brush with a setting spray, like M.A.C Cosmetics Prep + Prime Fix+, and adding an extra layer of shadow.

How to create the perfect, even winged eyeliner

1. Wings out

Start by taking an inky, black liquid liner – like the MECCA MAX Wink Ink Super Liquid Liner – and angle it outwards in line with your bottom lash line to map out your wing. Using your bottom lash line as a guide is a fail-proof (and the most effective!) way to keep your winged eyeliner even each time.

2. Stroke of genius

Now that you’ve mapped out the shape of your wing, it’s time to add eyeliner to your lash line. Hold your liner flat (for control!) and start to glide it gently across your lash line to connect to the wing at the outer corner of your eye. You will have more control over your eyeliner by using small, gentle strokes. Trace back over your original liner until you have achieved your desired thickness and shape. Tip: keep a cotton tip on hand to clean up any edges!

3. The finishing touch

Now that your wing is complete, make the look really pop by curling your lashes and adding a few layers of mascara, plus a touch of inner corner highlight.

If you have hooded eyes, you may need to break a few of the traditional winged eyeliner rules to achieve your perfect flick!

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