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Full face: a complete day-to-night look

January 1 | 21 minute watch



Originally published on | April 23

Bring your new makeup skills and knowledge together to create looks for every occasion – MECCA Makeup Education Lead Hannah is sharing her routine for a versatile bronzed look. Class dismissed!

About this course:

Now you’ve got the theory nailed, lets practice a full look! Join MECCA Makeup Education Lead Hannah in our beautiful Doncaster store as she recreates her go-to makeup routine and the tips and tricks she uses to customise her makeup for different occasions.

We know there’s no substitute for practice, but the theory in this class will empower you with the knowledge and skills to start practicing like a pro! (Psst, we also recommend finding some natural light or splurging on a mirror with backlighting.)

What you’ll learn along the way:

1. Creating an everyday makeup look

2. Making adjustments based on your makeup goals

What your learning journey looks like:

This masterclass is the final lesson in MECCA’s Makeup Fundamentals series and builds on Base camp: the complexion essentials, Sculpt & pop: shaping the face, All about eyes: lids, liner & lashes and The face framers: brows & lips. It’s a good idea to complete this module first, but it’s not vital before you commence Full face: a complete day-to-night look.

Our MECCA experts love sharing their knowledge with you in-store. Visit them to continue your makeup journey or check out the curated list below to build your brow and lip wardrobe:

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