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Sculpt & pop: shaping the face

January 1 | 16 minute watch



Originally published on | April 5

Now comes the fun part – shaping your face! MECCA Makeup Education Lead Hannah shares how to choose your formula and shade of contour, highlighter, bronzer and blush to complement your skin type and tone, plus how to apply them.

About this course:

Contour has stolen our hearts for the best part of a decade – but did you know there’s more than one hard-working product that can add dimension to your face? In this lesson, Makeup Education Lead Hannah shows you how to sculpt and make your favourite features pop – using contour, blush, bronzer and highlighter.

We know there’s no substitute for practice, but the theory in this class will empower you with the knowledge and skills to start practicing like a pro! (Psst, we also recommend finding some natural light or splurging on a mirror with backlighting.)

What you’ll learn along the way:

1. Applying concealer to create depth and structure in the face

2. Choosing and applying a pop of colour with blush

3. Adding a wash of colour with bronzer

4. Final touches with highlighter

What your learning journey looks like:

This masterclass builds on knowledge learned in MECCA’s Makeup Fundamentals series: Base camp: the complexion essentials. It’s a good idea to complete this module first, but it’s not vital before you commence Sculpt & pop: shaping the face.

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