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Gifts to ‘Glow Up’ the Men in Your Life

January 1 | 4 minute read

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Words by Kerri Gordon

Originally published on | December 6

Chris Black and Jason Stewart of How Long Gone cured my fear of 'Men Who Podcast', and as such I will trust them with just about anything – but especially with what men want.

Their hugely successful show (which Black describes as “a podcast where we talk to each other, and sometimes other people, about kind of whatever's going on”) has shifted the dial for men everywhere to lean into luxury in their fashion sense, their dining habits, their music taste and their grooming and skincare rituals.

After a stint going “Supermarket Sweep-mode” at Mecca Cosmetica Armadale, I sat down with the duo at MECCA HQ to get the inside word on the best beauty gifts for men.

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“Men want stuff that women want them to have,” shared Black. “There are things that feel out of reach for a lot of men because they don't understand it. And I think that gift-giving is a perfect way to introduce someone to something that will enrich their life.”

Stewart agreed: “I like it when my wife gives me something and lets me sort of discover it and figure out how I want to use it for myself. You have to lead men to the water, but you can't force them to drink – they have to sip it themselves.”

The safest bet? Something “useful and straightforward,” says Black, adding, “Men are inching into [beauty] in a way that is pretty new. It’s a little more universally accepted to outwardly be into it and, like, care. I think that's good for everybody, because it's also kind of fun, and it's important to take care of yourself.”

Black and Stewart have plush preferences when it comes to the good stuff – here are a few ideas to get you started...

For the guy you want to impress but don't know well

The humble candle. Black picks his personal favourite, Byredo’s Peyote Poem, and Stewart, Malin+Goetz’s Cannabis Candle. “It has a certain smell to it that everybody, no matter who they are, high, low, across the board… They're like, ‘what is that smell?’”

For the guy who has everything

The Officine Universelle Buly Scented Matches. “This is an amazing gift. I have bought these many times for myself and it's a small gift, but it's something no-one buys themselves,” noted Black. ''Buly is one of my favourite brands and it's kind of tough to find as well.''

For their stocking

Something… practical. While Stewart went for something large and elongated to satisfyingly fill the shape of a stocking (Frederic Malle’s Perfume Gun), Black’s stuffing strategy centres around practicality. “In my stocking growing up It would be like toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner.” He reaches for MECCA COSMETICA’s To Save Face SPF 50+ Superscreen. “I know that product is very popular and I think that most people - well, men specifically - aren't putting on their sunscreen every day.”

For your co-host

“We all have our own co-hosts in our life,” says Stewart.

For his co-host, Black chooses the La Mer Lifting Eye Serum “Jason historically has suffered with eye bags - something [he’s] brave enough to talk about,” he jokes, “but I think you'll like this. It smells great, and I love anything La Mer. It's the best.”

“And for you Chris,” remarks Stewart, “I got the best gift I could get you; the scent that your wife wears so you don't have to buy it. A man giving a man another gift? Best to get it for that man's wife.” He adds: “The ‘homie’, Frederic Malle. He's a scent master.” Black agrees. “He's kind of the GOAT. And that's actually a good policy because what else do I need?”

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