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A Guide to Your Skin Barrier

January 1 | 3 minute read

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Words by Ruby Devlin

Originally published on | March 26

If your skin is suddenly feeling extra sensitive and appearing more red than usual, you may have a compromised skin barrier.

Supporting your skin barrier is a crucial part of protecting your skin from external aggressors, Jordie (a member of the MECCA skincare education team and Beauty Board) tells us: “These layers keep moisture in and are responsible for the supple, plump form that we can see, touch and feel.”

Compromised skin barriers can lead to your skin feeling sensitive, uncomfortable and even an increase in breakouts.

So, if you accidentally took your exfoliation too far, the best thing to do is focus on gentler formulas, according to Jordie. “Strip back the routine and reach for that repair moisturiser!” she says.

Ready to follow her instructions? Here’s what we recommend…

If you want everyday hydration and repair…
Go-To Very Luxe Face Cream 

Filled to the brim with ceramides, algae and collagen, this cream will pair beautifully with any serums and SPFs already in your routine. Those plumping ingredients will make your skin look and feel glowy and hydrated instantly, while helping to strengthen your barrier over time. We recommend using this one under makeup for a smooth canvas.

If you’ve gone a bit overboard on the acids…
Cosmetics 27 Baume 27 Advanced Formula 

This French secret to hydrated skin was once a hidden gem among the MECCA Team. Now, its advanced formula is helping support skin barriers everywhere thanks to its hero ingredient, Centella asiatica – an antioxidant that helps to soothe irritated skin.

A few days with this rich balm in your routine is pretty much guaranteed to give your skin that ‘I’ve just had a facial’ glow.

If you’re needing a brightening boost…
Drunk Elephant Bora Barrier™ Repair Cream

This is Drunk Elephant’s newest addition to their iconic moisturiser lineup. Featuring a 6-Butterlipid complex (a blend of ceramides, lipids and butters) and two forms of vitamin C, this cream is perfect for those looking to lock in hydration and even out their skin tone.

If you want a moisturiser to make your skin feel like you’ve spent the last week exclusively meditating and drinking herbal tea, look no further.

If you’re on the go…
Kiehl's Ultra Facial Barrier Balm

Skincare’s original ‘It’ brand, Kiehl’s, is known for their iconic Ultra Facial Cream. But have you met the Barrier Balm? With a luscious ingredient list – hello, squalane and ceramides – packed into a convenient stick form, this rich moisturiser is perfect for those who need barrier support at a moment's notice.

Think: on top of the slopes or on a hike. Consider it the new ‘gorp-core’ essential!

If you’re prioritising your microbiome…
Cultured Biome One Rich Cream 

If you’re dipping your toe into the world of microbiome skincare, then this velvety cream from Cultured needs to be on the top of your wishlist. It’s like kombucha for your face. Biome One Rich Cream features both, a complex of fermented skin loving ingredients, (see: Fermented Phytosphingosine and Fermented Lactococcus Lactis) as well as the hydrating heroes you expect in a barrier supporting cream (vitamin E and oat kernel oil).

This fragrance-free formula will also help boost your microbiome, leaving your skin feeling nourished and looking glowy.

Filled with hydrating ingredients like ceramides, mushroom extracts and peptides, this fragrance-free (and newly reformulated) moisturiser is great for those with extra sensitive skin. Plus, its lightweight texture means those with oily or combination skin can enjoy its barrier-boosting qualities, too!

This is the cream you turn to when you want something light and luscious that will leave your skin looking extra juicy and plump.

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