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WATCH: Behind The Beauty With Kiehl’s

January 1 | 2 minute watch


Words by Kerri Gordon

Originally published on | May 5

‘Behind The Beauty’ is your key to the homes, boutiques, studios, cities, gardens, offices and labs that bring to life the world’s most iconic beauty brands. Guided by the founders, formulators and leaders of the industry, we’re taking you with us around the world for a private tour that explores the origins, inspirations and day-to-day operations of your beauty favourites.

In 1851, before the foundations of the Eiffel Tower - or Statue of Liberty - had been laid, a quaint apothecary opened on the corner of 13th Street and Third Avenue in New York City.

The land, formerly an orchard farm owned by Director-General Peter Stuyvesant, was transformed into the New York City grid as we know it today in 1811 (seven years after the passing of Alexander Hamilton, for cultural context), and 173 years on, both the apothecary and Stuyvesant’s final pear tree still stand. That apothecary is the one and only Kiehl’s.

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The rich history of the brand - and its revolutionary impact on the beauty industry - exceeds far beyond its flagship space in New York.

In 1922 pharmacist John Kiehl’s apprentice, Irving Morse (who in 1921 took over the business), popularised the “try before you buy” sampling concept, prioritising highly personalised and honest customer service. Thousands of brands have since adopted this initiative pioneered by Kiehl’s, in addition to listing a product's ingredients on its packaging. Though now mandated globally, in 1924 Kiehl’s were one of the first companies to be completely transparent about their formulations, with a goal to support customers in making more informed purchasing decisions.

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The list goes on; from taking Ultra Facial Cream up Mount Everest - to squadrons of stunt planes, skeletons, and history museum inductions - Kiehl’s has a fascinating legacy that brings to life the nature-inspired, scientifically-proven formulas beloved globally, and available exclusively at MECCA in Australia and New Zealand.

Hit play as Kiehl’s Flagship Store Director and Skin Pro Julio Gonzalez takes us through the original NYC store in the latest episode of Behind The Beauty.

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