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Build your routine: day and night

January 1 | 21 minute watch



Originally published on | April 14

Got the basics, but not sure how to bring it all together? In this class, MECCA Education Lead Francesca explains the when, where and why of your skincare, giving you the tools to build your ideal morning and evening routine.

About this course:

After you know which skincare products are right for you, it's time to bring them together into an AM and PM routine. Routines help bring skin into balance and act as a baseline to understand when it may need something extra. In this class, MECCA Education Lead Francesca takes you through a skincare routine step-by-step and explains the why, how and when to use each product – plus, the MECCA favourites for each step.

What you’ll learn along the way:

  1. The purpose of each step in a standard skincare routine.
  2. When and in which order you should apply your products for optimal efficacy.
  3. How to add extra steps and products – such as mists, toners, masks and oils – to boost your skincare routine.

What your learning journey looks like:

This masterclass is the last module in MECCA’s Skin Fundamentals series and builds on knowledge learned in: Skin Physiology 101: how it works, Get to know your skin type, Skin SOS: how to read the signs and Supporting your skin as you age. It’s a good idea to complete these modules first, but it’s not vital before you commence Build your routine: day and night.

Our MECCA experts love sharing their knowledge with you in-store. Visit them to continue your skin journey or check out the curated list below to build your best skincare routine yet:

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