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Anna Robards’ Secret to Glowing Skin and Good Sleep

January 1 | 2 minute read

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Words by Christie Sinclair

Originally published on | February 28

From The Bachelor to beauty brand founder, Anna Robards has a secret to staying grounded – and it’s just launched at MECCA.

They say your best ideas strike when you stop looking for them, and this was certainly the case for media personality and former criminal lawyer Anna Robards (who you might recognise as the first winner of The Bachelor Australia in 2013).

Robards’ ‘eureka’ moment happened during a walk with her friend and entrepreneur Christie Whitehill. The two were discussing the effects the ‘daily juggle’ – balancing young children, family, career, friends and social events – was having on their sleep and skin, and how they wanted to feel as if they’d a full eight hours every night (and look like they’d had a weekly facial – even if this was out of the question).

That conversation was the start of their new brand INTU WELLNESS, a collection of ingestible beauty supplements made to fit our busy modern lifestyles.

INTU WELLNESS is now available at MECCA, and as the latest member of our MECCA Collectiva, we chatted to Robards about her beauty routine and the daily wellness rituals that power it.

Memo Collectiva Anna Robards Interview 16x9

1. My ultimate beauty muse is…
“My ultimate beauty muse is not just one person; it's a combination of different women. Zendaya, Amal Clooney, Hailey Bieber and Dua Lipa (the newest addition to my list) all embody a classic beauty and exude sophistication. They are my sources for beauty and hair inspiration.”

2. The one beauty product I always come back to is…
Charlotte Tilbury's Pillow Talk Collection. It has become a staple in my routine, perfect for both daily wear and a night out. It enhances your look subtly without being too overbearing.”

3. My last great trip was to…
“Europe. In Puglia, Italy, we indulged in the regional cuisine and local wines, staying at Borgo Egnazia and Palazzo Daniele – a stunningly converted 19th-century palazzo. We then ventured to Ibiza, Spain, where we stayed at the Ibiza Gran Hotel, partying and dressing up as if we were in our twenties again. TAKE ME BACK!”

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4. In my carry-on bag, you’ll always find…
“My carry-on is a large black Yves Saint Laurent bag – big enough for my entire makeup arsenal – which comes with me on all my travels and on a day-to-day basis. It's crucial to be prepared for any event. I also never leave without an INTU WELLNESS Gut & Skin Rejuvenation sachet. This on-the-go wellness supplement contains turmeric and ginger which are traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to support digestive health, liver function and skin regeneration.”


5. My ultimate indulgence is…
“Enjoying a two-hour body massage at Crown, then spending time in their exquisite spa, including the infrared sauna and ice bath.”

6. My latest beauty discovery is…
“Ice baths! Although currently off-limits for me due to pregnancy, I can’t wait to get back into one.”

7. I predict the next big beauty trend…
“... will focus on internal health as a foundation for external beauty – certainly not a new concept, but it's gaining momentum! INTU WELLNESS is at the forefront of this because we recognise the integral relationship between wellness and beauty. We know where there is wellness, beauty follows.”

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8. The one song I always play when getting ready is…
“This changes from week to week. I'm a massive teenybopper, so I love anything I can sing along to! Currently, it's Dua Lipa’s ‘Houdini’.”

9. The last great audiobook I listened to was…
“During my training for SAS Australia I listened to all of Ant Middleton's audiobooks as well as David Goggins. They helped me mentally prepare for what I was about to endure and I still use a lot of what I learnt today in business.”

10. The one scent you’ll always smell in my home is…
Tom Ford Tobacco Oud EDP (my husband’s favourite scent) and Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium EDP on me. They smell great together!”

11. My top 5 products from MECCA are:
- Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in ‘Warm Nude’ and ‘Warm Beige’.
- Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution in ‘Pillow Talk’.
- Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in ‘Pillow Talk’.
- MECCA MAX Mini Mix Eyeshadow Palette in ‘Total Breeze’.
- INTU WELLNESS powders.  

12. What I’m most looking forward to for the year ahead…
“We have so many incredible things happening this year; we're welcoming a new addition to the family, and our main focus will be on her as well as on our eldest daughter. I’m also excited to see our brand, INTU WELLNESS, flourish at MECCA!”


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