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Zoë Foster Blake Takes Us Behind the Science at Go-To

January 1 | 14 minute watch


Words by MECCAversity

Originally published on | March 21

Ever wondered how your favourite skincare formulas are created? To find out, we’re going behind the scenes at Go-To with author, brand founder and beauty icon Zoë Foster Blake and Education Lead Chiara Osborn. They’re ready to spill the secrets on exactly how their science-led products are formulated, from inspiration to ingredients.

About this course:

Step into the peach lab with Go-To, the brand on a mission to make skincare simple and effective. Zoë and Chiara are lifting the Very Useful Face Cream lid on all the steps it takes to design, formulate and develop every one of Go-To's formulas – including the rigorous testing they go through before they reach your top shelf. Hint: they make the hard work look easy!

Along the way you’ll learn:

  1. Why Zoë Foster Blake decided to create simple, effective skincare
  2. The process involved in formulating skincare, from idea to bottle
  3. How Go-To tests every product they launch to ensure efficacy

What your learning journey looks like:

This masterclass is part of our Explore Skin collection. Want to learn more from the best in beauty? Once you’ve completed this lesson, check out our other masterclasses Build your routine: day and night and Microbiome skincare with Rob Calcraft.

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