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The Biggest Fragrance Trends on TikTok Right Now

January 1 | 3 minute read

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As told to Samantha Brigden

Originally published on | December 3

Have you ever stumbled across #PerfumeTok? A corner of TikTok devoted to the art of scent, it’s where a new generation of fragrance lovers are growing up – and gaining a level of knowledge that my younger self couldn't have fathomed.

If you do end up exploring the hashtag, chances are you might spot self-confessed perfume addict and marine scientist Peta Morton (aka @petamarine). While she might be known for her high-octane reviews of niche scents, her account originally started as a place for her to discuss her other passion: marine science.

Morton says this isn’t as big of a jump as you might first think: “I think perfume represents the perfect balance between art and science – which makes sense because I got into perfume through a high school chemistry assignment!”

Here, she fills us in on the top three fragrance trends that are worth a try. Consider this the perfect gifting inspiration for any Gen A scent enthusiasts in your life!

The trend: skin scents

"The name of this one is a little disconcerting, but bear with me – skin scents aren’t just some odd obsession with BO or ‘pheromones’, but sheer washes of fragrance that smell like you (but better). If you’re not into smelling like anything, but still want to smell good, these are for you. And even if you do want to smell like Something™️, I still highly recommend getting yourself a bottle for layering!

"Usually based in salty ambergris, soft musk or iso e super, these minimalistic blends give effortlessly cool vibes. Some lean more clean and fresh, while some lean floral or woody. I recommend playing around and seeing which suits you!"

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Top picks

Dedcool Xtra Milk Fragrance: "This is my current favourite. I wear it almost every day, alone or under other fragrances."

D.S. & DURGA I Don’t Know What: "Despite the name, this knows what’s what. It perfectly balances woody, citrusy and salty notes for a bright, sparkly scent."

Le Labo AnOther 13 EDP: "I have to give a shoutout to this year’s Beauty Election winner! Le Labo outdid themselves – if skin scents are your thing, splurge on this."

The trend: layering

"Some extremely lucky people have the type of skin that will loudly wear a single spritz all day. That is not me! So, I’ve had to learn how to get fragrances to really stick through layering. Essentially, it’s all about having a good, complimenting base that allows the perfume to work. Sticky enough to grab it, but not so heavy that it smothers it.

"Here’s the thing: perfumes like clean, moisturised skin. If you really want to go all out, you might need an ‘Everything Shower’. Think: body scrub, scented wash, body lotion, hair perfume and even perfume oil. The real trick is to make your routine harmonious (sitting within the same scent family, or even the same exact fragrance)."

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Memo Tiktok Trending Perfumes3x4 2a

Top picks

Frank Body Glycolic Body Scrub: "Frank Body make the most scrubby scrubs, and I’m always a fan of a chemical exfoliants (they just get the job done!)."

Nécessaire The Body Wash: "The Eucalyptus is my favourite; it smells so fresh, herbal and quite nostalgic for any Australian."

Officine Universelle Buly Huile Antique Mexican Tuberose Dry Body Oil: "I’m surprised this hasn’t blown up yet! It’s so luxurious and surrounds you in a long-lasting white floral fragrance."

Diptyque Ilio Hair Mist: "Straight-up perfume can be damaging to hair, but mists like this are specially formulated to nourish your hair, too."

Le Labo Thé Noir Liquid Balm: "These liquid balms from Le Labo are so grippy! And this is my favourite scent."

The trend: scent ‘wardrobes’

"I’m calling it – the days of the ‘signature scent’ are drawing to a close. While some may find comfort and identity in a singular fragrance, more and more are enjoying the exploratory nature of fragrance. Like how you can turn an all-black outfit from sophisticated to minimalist just by swapping your soft rose for a bright citrus.

"If you’re not sure where to start, I would highly recommend diving into sample and discovery sets. These kits will usually show you a brand’s most popular fragrances.

"Like clothes, scent wardrobes can be extensive or capsule. The key is variety! I would start out by just finding something you like in each season. Something fresh for summer, warm amber for winter, and maybe a floral for spring and a dry wood for autumn."

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Memo Tiktok Trending Perfumes3x4 3b

Top picks

Tocca Luxury Fragrance Wardrobe: "If I was starting my collection all over again, this would be one of my first purchases!"

A.N. Other Fragrance Travel Trio: "Three travel sprays in pretty different scent families – great to test out and see if you like them."

Ellis Brooklyn Booklet Discovery Set: "From the fresh Salt (my ride or die), to the ethereal near-skin scent Myth (what I think Galadriel from Lord of the Rings would smell like), you can’t go wrong."

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Mini Wardrobe Set For Her: "One of the best ways to try a truly magnificent brand. It has all of the hits!"

dedcool Sample Tin: "This is for cool kids only. Vibes are high."

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