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The French Brand That’s Quiet Luxury’d the Hairbrush

January 1 | 3 minute read

Memo Bonne Brosse Review 16x9 New

Words by Samantha Brigden

Originally published on | June 12

Picture this: you’re sitting in a meeting room at MECCA HQ, surrounded by some of the most knowledgeable people in the beauty business, and you hear the next big thing in haircare is…. A brush.

While my first reaction might have been surprise, I soon realised it made perfect sense. Like the white T-shirt you wear every day or the mascara that never flakes, there’s something to be said for investing in high-performance basics. It’s this belief that led to the inception of La Bonne Brosse – the newest haircare brand to land on MECCA’s shelves. But rather than a variety of treatments and spritzes, La Bonne Brosse focus on doing one thing, and doing it really well: the hairbrush.

Born in France, the brand is the brainchild of Flore des Robert and Pauline Laurent, a pair of school friends who each have more than 10 years working in the beauty industry under their belt. One day, they came to a shared realisation: despite all their experience, neither of them really knew what to do with their hair.

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After studying hair and the scalp in minute detail, they became convinced that beautiful hair comes from the right ritual – so, they decided to fine tune the one tool that everyone uses. In doing so, they’ve earnt themselves a spot on the shelves of all the chicest Parisians, and even A-listers like Emma Stone (who reportedly used the brush before her 2024 Oscars win).

Holding the brush in my hands and gliding it through my hair (a fine-but-lots-of-it lob), it’s clear their research paid off. The colourful, twisted handle is more than just an aesthetic choice – the ergonomic shape is handcrafted in France from a cellulose acetate that’s durable yet biodegradable.

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Memo Bonne Brosse Review 1

Not only is the brush beautiful, but it feels amazing. Their lineup consists of five different brushes, each designed to suit different hair concerns, as well as a detangling comb. I was testing out the N.02 The Essential Brush – also known as the ‘do-it-all’ brush, thanks to its combination of boar and nylon bristles that are meant to work for normal to thick hair.

Turns out, the types of bristles on your brush really matter. Made from 100% keratin, the boar bristles help to revitalise and moisturise your hair, distributing the hair’s natural oils along lengths. Meanwhile, the nylon bristles deliver a seriously satisfying scalp massage, while effectively detangling any knots.

Post-brushing, my hair really did seem shinier, softer and smoother. The nylon bristles might just be my favourite part, achieving the kind of scalp tingly feeling you get when someone else strokes your hair. And the sleekness doesn’t just work for those with straight hair; it delivered a bouncy, blowout-like finish to a fellow member of the MECCA team with more curly hair.

Memo Bonne Brosse Review Full Width 5

Maybe even more than the smooth, frizz-free results, I fell in love with the ritual of it. Brushing my hair became more than just a routine, making me feel like an old-timey princess who brushes her hair 100-strokes a day. As someone whose hair can sometimes be an afterthought, it reminded me that haircare is a form of self-care, too. I appreciated the reminder to slow down and enjoy the process – after all, isn’t that the real meaning of luxury?

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