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It’s New. In April. At MECCA

January 1 | 4 minute read

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Words by Kerri Gordon

Originally published on | April 1

Can you feel the seasonal depression creeping in? Leg hairs superseding the week sans shave... Prepped lunches transitioning from ‘slaw to ‘strone… Wondering what on earth you wore autumns past because nothing in your closet seems even mildly representative of who you are?

I can, and as such, it’s time to mourn the summer by indulging in ‘little treat’ culture for the next six-to-eight months. Because you know what? I deserve a little treat, and by that logic, so do you.

Alas, here are the most exciting new beauty arrivals coming to MECCA in April, that we’re rationalising as highly necessary.


Scent is the ultimate portal to a new state of mind and typically the first place I go in-between seasons to keep my zest for life alive.

Maison Margiela’s From the Garden EDT is as close as it gets to a wearable form of my one true love, Flamingo Estate’s Roma Heirloom Tomato Candle. It’s deliciously herbaceous, similar to that basilic aroma that fills the air when you pluck a tomato off its vine.

Another zingy new arrival made for sunny days with a frosty nip is Jo Malone London’s Yuzu Zest Cologne. Bright, fizzy and won’t leave you with a headache – literally a yuzu spritz.

For the serial ‘little treat’-ers (a croissant, a cookie, a piccolo just because) Diptyque are delivering the goods with their limited-edition collection of Parisian café-inspired candles. There’s Café, Chantilly and Biscuit, each a sweet and creamy gourmand that turns any space into your own boulangerie, patisserie, or viennoiserie (can you tell my French extends solely to food-related terms?).

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As brands continue to innovate outside of the box to fill now-miniscule white spaces in beauty, justifying new purchases becomes a tad easier.

First and foremost, I’ll be overhauling my hair routine with Crown Affair - the new to MECCA “no makeup-makeup” hair and accessories brand from NYC - not just for its revolutionary dry shampoo and chic combs but for how good it will look in my bathroom.

And, well, there’s a whole lot more on the list - here’s a speech I prepared earlier.

Thank you Maison Francis Kurkdjian for turning laundry from a chore to... and I can't believe I'm saying this... the thing I look forward to all week. I was gifted the brand's Aqua Universalis Universal Laundry Detergent almost three years ago and was close to shedding a tear as the final drop landed in my front loader. The scent fills your apartment as your laundry dries - save it for your bed linen and crispest white shirts.

Thank you Dr. Dennis Gross for creating ‘the MECCA glow’ – a result of almost every MECCA employee using your peel pads for the past two decades. I can only imagine we’ll be presenting as toddlers following the first month using your new Advanced Retinol + Ferulic Overnight Texture Renewal Peel Pads.

Thank you Kosas; your new BB Burst Tinted Gel Cream is the perfect culmination of everything happening in complexion right now; hydrating, plumping, skin-barrier restoring, and skin-y, yet with miraculously impressive coverage. This stuff is good.

And finally, thank you to The Beauty Chef. Your Plumpers Collagen Chewables (specifically in the chocolate flavour – they’re like grown-up Ovalteenies) are perhaps the easiest beauty ingestible ever to keep up on the daily. They are so delicious I struggle to stop at three a day. How much collagen is too much? Asking for a friend.


The lipstick effect is real, and as such I feel it’s my duty to highlight the best of the new lip launches for those opting for little(-er) luxuries.

Gisou’s social media sensation of a Lip Oil is diversifying with three new tinted (and flavoured) shades; Watermelon Sugar, Mango Passion Punch and Strawberry Sorbet. Fight the temptation to lick the oil right off and you’ll reap the benefits of softer, plumper (now tinted) lips.

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Perhaps my favourite of the month is the Tom Ford Slim Lip Colour Shine in Scarlet Rouge. Red is in (in a big way!) and a bold lip is the lowest form of commitment to the trend. Though I must say, I’m tempted on the crimson hosiery.

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