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Babba Rivera Shares a Ceremonia Routine for Every Hair Type

January 1 | 3 minute read

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Words by Cjay Aksoyoglu

Originally published on | January 19

Ceremonia, founded by Babba Rivera, is shaking up the world of haircare with one simple mission: for you to embrace your natural hair, not mask it.

Rivera spent most of her life trying to suppress her natural frizz and curls, chemically straightening her hair or using products that promised less frizz but brought unwelcome dryness and damage along with them. “It took me until Ceremonia to stop trying to make my hair something it doesn’t want to be, and ultimately just making peace with my natural beauty.”

Her solution? A haircare range for hair types that were long underrepresented in the beauty world, with formulas inspired by the beauty rituals embedded in her own Latinx heritage. And it all starts at the scalp.  

Here, Rivera breaks down the perfect Ceremonia hair routine for different hair types, from straight to wavy, curly and coily hair – and shares her very own hair rituals with us, too. Read, take notes and let your natural hair shine!

Model with curly hair holding Ceremonia product

Babba Rivera's personal hair ritual...

“Once a week, I do a complete reset for my scalp and hair. I put the Aciete de Moska Oil on my scalp and give myself a massage with our Scalp Massager. I then let the oil sit in my hair while I go to Pilates, do errands or sleep with it overnight. [I wash it off] in the shower with our Papaya Scalp Scrub and massager for a gentle rub to enhance the exfoliation of the scrub. This feels like a clarifying mask for my scalp and leaves my roots awakened and voluminous! I then add a few drops of the Aceite de Moska into my hair mask, and then comb through with a wide-tooth comb to detangle before rinsing it off.

“Post-wash, I apply Guava Rescue Spray as a primer for nourishment and protection, then let my hair air dry. I will then finalise my low-maintenance styling with the Guava Leave-In Conditioner on my ends for frizz control and top it off with the Pequi Styling Gel at the top of my head to tuck in all my flyaways and provide a natural, non-greasy shine.

“In-between wash days, I reactivate my hair with a few spritzes of the Açaí Style Refresher, and when my hair feels dry, I add a few pumps of the Guava Leave-in Conditioner (this works on dry hair, too!).”

Ceremonia products next to fruit and on a yellow background

For straight hair:

1. The Aceite de Moska Oil and Scalp Massager as your weekly scalp ritual for a balanced scalp and to support hair growth.

2. Wash with the Weightless Hydration Shampoo Yucca and Conditioner Cupuaçu (and use the Papaya Salt Scrub once a week in place of shampoo).

3. Spritz the Guava Rescue Spray to detangle and nourish while keeping the hair protected from UV and heat tools.

4. For styling, try the Anti-Frizz Styling Gel for a slicked-back pony or low bun moment. Our gel leaves no residue and is non-sticky, providing light or medium hold and high shine.

For wavy hair:

1. The Aceite de Moska Oil and Scalp Massager as your weekly scalp ritual for a balanced scalp and to support hair growth.

2. Once a week, use the Papaya Salt Scrub in place of shampoo.

3. Apply the Guava Leave-In Conditioner to help with frizz control and dry ends.

5. For styling, turn to the Anti-Frizz Styling Gel to smooth out frizz and add shine, and the Guava Beach Waves Spray for messy textured waves.

For curly hair:

1. The Aceite de Moska Oil and Scalp Massager as your weekly scalp ritual for a balanced scalp and to support hair growth.

2. Wash with the Deep Moisuture Shampoo Yucca & Witch Hazel and Deep Moisture Conditioner Cupuaçu & Castor (and the Papaya Salt Scrub once a week in place of shampoo).

3. Layer the Anti-Frizz Curl Activator with the Guava Leave-In Conditioner for extra moisture.

4. Use the Açaí Style Refresher for styling in between wash days.

5. For styling, the Anti-Frizz Styling Gel to smooth out frizz and add shine to curls. Our gel leaves no residue and is non-sticky!

For coily hair:

1. The Aceite de Moska Oil and Scalp Massager as your weekly scalp ritual for a balanced scalp and to support hair growth. I recommend leaving the oil on overnight, and adding a few drops to your ends, too.

2. Use the Papaya Salt Scrub as part of your once-a-week wash routine to remove product build-up and deeply cleanse, without stripping away your natural oils.

3. Apply the Anti-Frizz Curl Activator as your primer, followed by the Guava Leave-In Conditioner and topped off with the Oil Mist Aloe Vera to seal in all the hydration and nutrition.

4. In between wash days, use the Açaí Style Refresher for styling.

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