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Elise Loehnen Pioneered 'Wellness'; Now, She's Dismantling It

January 1 | 42 minute listen

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Words by Ruby Devlin

Originally published on | May 22

Welcome back to MECCA Talks, your access all areas pass to the beauty, business, and lifestyle experts we call our community.

In today’s episode, Kate is in the studio with Elise Loehnen - New York Times Bestselling Author, Editor, Podcast Host and the former Chief Content Officer for GOOP (you might recognise her from their podcast or Netflix series).

From serums to psychedelics, juices and drips, Elise has explored every corner of the wellness industry and now she’s redefining the concept of wellness to ‘wholeness’ - through historical, traditional and cultural research and critique.

In this conversation, they discuss wellness culture, Elise’s journey to wholeness, and her book, On Our Best Behaviour.

Hit play to listen to the conversation on the MECCA Memo, or head to your favourite podcast app (like Spotify or Apple Podcasts) to listen.

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