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I Gave Up Retinol For This Serum

January 1 | 2 minute read

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Words by Christie Sinclair

Originally published on | April 30

Retinol and I have always had a rocky relationship. Despite the scientific evidence proving its ability to enhance skin’s elasticity and soften the appearance of wrinkles, lines and creases, I’ve never been a convert. My sensitive skin will only tolerate it once per week and even then, I’m not consistent enough to see the results.

I’ve also dabbled with injectables and quite enjoyed the outcome, but I'm not up for being jabbed in the forehead every few months.

My apparent commitment problems – coupled with the fact that I have the most mature skin on the MECCA editorial team – made me the perfect candidate to try Emma Lewisham’s most anticipated launch since 2019, the year the brand first catapulted into our beauty cabinets and soared to instant cult status.

The product is the Supernatural Vitale Face Elixir, a cosmeceutical-grade serum that promises revolutionary results in preventing and reducing the appearance of wrinkles – or, as the Emma Lewisham tells me, “When it comes to targeting fine lines and wrinkles, this is at the very forefront of scientific innovation. There is truly nothing else like this available!”

With skin like hers, I believe it.

Lewisham has a number of ‘world firsts’ under her belt (not least, creating a carbon-positive beauty brand) and this time she’s the first to harness cutting-edge science to bolster the skin’s natural structure, ultimately promoting firmness and significantly reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

“Engineered from an advanced understanding of the skin systems that accelerate cellular ageing, it represents a scientific breakthrough in what can be achieved by a non-invasive skin treatment,” explains Lewisham.

The difference in this serum? It contains a pioneering peptide complex alongside advanced Hydrafilling technology – which sounds so science-y, I had to ask Lewisham what it actually means.

“It targets both reduction and prevention in the visible traces of fine lines and wrinkles, to give skin superior elasticity – and that fresh, plump look we all want.”

The ‘plumping’ effect comes from an innovative new form of hyaluronic acid, while a combination of peptides help to “rebuild and enhance the underlying structure of the skin.”

Those are some big claims, so I was keen to put it through its paces. My concerns are mainly focused on noticeable expression lines around my mouth and jawline, and the beginnings of fine lines under my eyes – areas I'd prefer remain untouched by cosmetic treatments.

I took Lewisham’s advice and used the serum both morning and evening, applying the Elixir after cleansing in the PM. I also stripped out all other actives, aside from my regular vitamin C serum in the morning.

The effect? After just four days, I told Lewisham, “I can see this replacing retinol in my routine.” I saw a softening of the expression lines around my mouth, a visible reduction in the appearance of the fine lines that were once delicately etched beneath my eyes and noticeably less texture, especially around my jawline.

While some skin types – like mine – can find traditional retinol to be too drying, this was anything but; in fact, quite the opposite! I’ve never woken in the morning to find my skin still dewy and hydrated from my evening routine. As someone with chronically dry skin, this I truly loved.

Most importantly, in my opinion, it worked even faster than retinol (which you may need to use consistently for 2 – 4 months to see changes, as your skin goes through its usual cycle).

If you wanted to supercharge your results, you could follow Lewisham’s ‘ultimate firming routine’: “I would use the serum after our Illuminating Oil Cleanser, followed by our Skin Reset Eye Crème, Supernatural Face Crème Riche and then Supernatural Face Oil.

It’s not often I’m genuinely shocked by a beauty product, but the results I saw from Emma Lewisham’s Supernatural Vitale Face Elixir might just be enough to end my journey with retinol (and invasive treatments). For now, at least.

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