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Your Ultimate SPF Breakdown

January 1 | 2 minute read

Models recline by the beach on sunloungers, wearing sunglasses and red lipstick.

Words by Arabella Roden & Jordie Johnson

Originally published on | December 31

The one step in our skincare routine we never compromise on? SPF – all year, all over.

However, one type of SPF doesn’t always suit all. Think of different SPF formulas like the trans-seasonal pieces in your clothing wardrobe; adaptable staples you can choose from to different occasions and events.

We tapped MECCA Skin Expert Jordie Johnson (an ‘SPF stylist’ if you will!) to talk us through the four main formulas – serum, mousse, cream and spray – where to wear them, and how to use them.

ALWAYS READ THE LABEL AND FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS FOR USE. Sunscreen is only one form of sun protection. Avoid prolonged sun exposure and reapply as directed.

Serum SPF

Feels like: skincare – lightweight and liquid
Wear on: face
Extra benefits: hydration, illumination
Best for: office days and/or under makeup

“An SPF that can protect is one thing, but a skincare-infused SPF is on another level – serum SPFs glide onto the skin for a barely-there feel, with an extra dose of skincare nutrients that helps replenish and support the skin’s moisture barrier all day. Serum SPFs are the way to go for day-to-day glow or when events pop up and you need protection that will also give a lit-from-within appearance.”

Mousse SPF

Feels like: an airy foam
Wear on: body
Extra benefits: glowing arms and legs, no transfer on clothes
Best for: outdoor events, easy reapplication

“Luxurious, whipped-texture mousse SPFs are an easy way to achieve glowing limbs alongside UV protection. Lightweight in feel and fast-absorbing, application is mess-free and avoids transferring to clothes – so not only is your skin protected, but your favourite outfit is too. The instant light-reflecting radiance makes mousse SPFs perfect for summer events and for easy top-ups at picnics or the beach.”

Cream SPF

Feels like: ‘classic’ sunscreen, only lighter!
Wear on: face and body
Extra benefits: primes for makeup, locks in moisture
Best for: everyday wear, outdoor sport, beach days

“Whether it’s a day on the sand, a morning run, as your daily protector or under makeup, cream SPF is rich yet almost weightless, making it easy to layer over facial moisturiser and body lotion without feeling ‘heavy’ on the skin. The formula sits comfortably as it nourishes, primes and protects. It’s the multitasker you can always reach for – anytime, anywhere.”

Spray SPF

Feels like: an ultra-fine mist
Wear on: face and body
Extra benefits: quick reapplication, extra radiance
Best for: over makeup, daily top-ups, outdoor events

“If you’re someone who reapplies SPF or is looking for a way to start your reapplication routine – this formula is the way to go! An ultra-fine mist of spray SPF restores hydration, protects and provides added glow. It’s a must-have for beach side top-ups, over makeup and of course perfect to have on hand at outdoor events. Ensure you spray into your hands first and then pat over the area you want to help protect.”

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