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Meet Drunk Elephant’s Newest Viral Sensation: Bora Barrier™ Repair Cream

January 1 | 2 minute read

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Words by Ruby Devlin

Originally published on | March 17

The skincare obsessed are shifting away from routines featuring powerful acids in every step. Instead a gentler approach is emerging…

New launches from our favourite skincare brands are coming in thicker than their new, emollient textures, starring only the most hydrating, moisture-locking ingredients. The latest: Drunk Elephant’s Bora Barrier™ Repair Cream.

Formulated for mature skin types and those with dry skin in urgent need of hydration (I fall into the latter category), Bora Barrier™ addresses Drunk Elephant customers’ obsession with supercharged actives, offering a deeply nurturing solution to ensure no one goes overboard.

After a summer packed with countless flights, late nights and a slew of Taylor Swift concerts, my skin was not in its prime. Rather than the glazed donut I aspire to be, it felt more like dry Weetbix – flaky and rough to the touch. Had Bora Barrier™ met its match? Here’s how it went down.

Memo Mecca Tries Bora Barrier Cream 16x9

When I pumped this product out for the first time, it had the balm-like texture I’ve come to expect from barrier creams. Like other thicker moisturisers, I found the best way to apply it was first warming it between my fingers, then massaging it in all over my face and neck.

To my delight, Bora Barrier™ melted in instantly. The first morning I tried it, I kept catching my reflection in the mirror, unable to get over how dewy and soft my face looked.

After a few days of using it morning and night, my skin felt delicious. It was as though I had been drinking the two litres in my emotional support water bottle, enjoying luxurious facials and been getting a full eight hours of sleep every day.

This was all thanks to Bora Barrier™’s very impressive ingredient list.

First up is a 6-Butterlipid complex, featuring a blend of ceramides, lipids and butters. Together, these are known to help support your barrier and soothe sensitivity.

It also includes two forms of vitamin C for an extra boost of skin-protecting antioxidants that encourages a more even, radiant complexion.

In short, Bora Barrier is formulated to make your skin look as if you’ve spent the last week at a yoga retreat, meditating for hours on end and sipping a bottomless supply of green tea, and I couldn’t get enough.

If you find your skin often feels dull and needs an instant hit of hydration, I could not recommend the Bora Barrier™ Repair Cream enough. Whether you layer it with your favourite serums or use alone (morning and night), the balmy formula goes the extra mile to lock in every drop of much-needed moisture.

For my combination and oily friends, the richer texture might be a little much for your skin. I recommend sticking to Drunk Elephant’s more lightweight products instead, like the Protini™ Polypeptide Cream Moisturiser.

Sensitive to vitamin C? Go slow when introducing this one to your routine.

Everyone else, I suggest getting on this immediately. As tempted as I am to gatekeep my new favourite moisturiser, for fear it will become difficult to get my hands on, I know that would be a disservice to skin barriers everywhere. Thank me later…

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