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The top 5 coffee-spiked Frank Body products to try

January 1 | 3 minute read

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Originally published on | May 22

It’s the cheeky brand that’s caught the attention of beauty addicts worldwide.

But despite the puns, innuendos and saucy tongue-in-cheek tone, Frank Body is serious about one thing: being good at what it does. Which is, well, quite a lot. From nixing body breakouts to the original started-it-all coffee scrub that has inspired thousands of shower selfies, Frank Body’s products are simple, powerful, and oh-so-fun to use.

What started as a single brown paper bag of coffee beans has now evolved into a skin and body care empire that truly lives up to the hype. Not bad for an idea that was spawned in a local coffee shop in 2013. Let’s talk scrubs and beyond – here are our top five Frank Body products.

This scrub delivers an ‘aha’ moment via its bump-busting AHA (that’s alpha hydroxy acids) and niacinamide formula. Keratosis pilaris sufferers, rejoice! The Glycolic Body Scrub has been designed to combat the bumpy, chicken-skin-like texture the condition causes, along with general body breakouts, bumps and dry skin.

This is achieved thanks to a combination of both physical and chemical exfoliants. Glycolic and lactic acids melt away the top layer of skin and debris, preventing clogged pores and congestion. Then, exfoliating ground pumice buffs it all away to reveal smooth, clear skin. The addition of witch hazel and niacinamide backs it all up to soothe and tighten pores, leaving you glowing. And a symphony of oils, including grapeseed, coconut and soybean, combine to nourish that freshly revealed skin.
The perfect partner to the Glycolic Body Scrub, this Smoothing AHA Body Lotion offers a gentle dose of exfoliation while it hydrates and nourishes skin. It’s designed as an overnight treatment, so apply in the evening to clean, dry skin (just as you would a normal body lotion). Glycolic and lactic acids (that’s those AHAs again) work to gently lift the top layer of dead skin, while the rich moisturising properties of mango seed butter deeply nourish and hydrate, making this one perfect for dry, irritated skin. Vitamins C and A penetrate the skin for added glow when you eventually rise and (literally) shine.

Because this is an exfoliating product, it’s important to follow up the next day with a broad-spectrum SPF to protect that freshly revealed new skin.

Please prepare to pucker up. While Frank Body’s original coffee scrub was born in a cafe, next off the bat was the brand’s original Lip Scrub, which taps the exfoliating powers of ground Robusta coffee beans and coffee seed oil. The result is uber soft, kissable, lipstick-friendly lips.

Using 100% natural ingredients such as coffee grounds, raw sugar and macadamia oil, this gently sloughs away dead skin without damaging the delicate mouth area. The added bonus? The mild coffee scent smells delicious and luxurious.

Zoolander fans, say it with us now: “orange mocha frappuccino!” That’s exactly what Frank Body’s Original Coffee Scrub smells like, and the scent isn’t even the best thing about it.

Once  you’ve scrubbed with this world-famous gamechanger of a product, you’re left with skin so smooth it feels like a soft, velvet blanket. That’s thanks to the powerful Robusta coffee grinds which slough away dead skin, stimulate circulation and collagen production and reduce the appearance of stretch marks and cellulite. Cold pressed sweet almond oil also replenishes and nourishes so that before you even step out of the shower your skin is hydrated and moisturised.

If coffee scrubs feel a little too harsh or you have sensitive skin, this two-in-one Rosehip Body Scrub and Cleanser gets you in on the action, minus the reaction. A sugar-based scrub, it’s a more gentle formulation since the sugar melts into skin upon contact with water. Lathering up into a dreamy body cleanser that smells like a bed of roses, you still get the benefits of caffeine thanks to coffee seed extract, but without the mess.

With the addition of rosehip oil to help brighten and even the appearance of skin tone, and coconut, jojoba and lavender oils, this sweet little scrub is a luxurious, soft and sumptuous experience.

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