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'Touch My Elbow': The Greatest Body Care Routine You'll Ever Try

January 1 | 3 minute read

Memo Cat Garrett Body Care Routine Hero 16x9

Words by Catherine Garrett

Originally published on | June 4

“Touch my elbow. Touch my elbow! Isn’t it soft??”

That’s me around the office, foisting my skin on my colleagues. Don’t tell HR.

I’m now in the business end of my forties; a time when things start to sag, dimple and get scaly. But thanks to years of prioritising body care over most other of the beauty related ‘cares’ and ‘cores’, I’ve managed to keep the assets from the neck down in pretty good nick.

I’m a self-appointed body care expert – want to know more? Gather round and lean in…

First, dry-body brushing. You’ve heard this before surely. It’s one of those annoying things that models said they did in interviews in glossy women’s magazines in the 00’s. It’s always mentioned in the same breath as starting your day with hot water and lemon. Sure darl. Sure.

But I promise you. It’s a game changer. And for those that moan they have no time, you do! You’ve managed to make time to look at TikTok haven’t you?

You want a natural bristle body brush – this is GOOP’s bread and butter; Gwynnie knows, and so does kit:. As the name goes, it’s DRY body brushing, so don’t do it in the shower or on wet skin. Before the shower, always. Every day. Upward strokes, starting at the feet.

You can do it in seconds when you’re in a rush and then when you’ve got more time, go in on the scrubby-scrubby for a few extra minutes. Every. Single. Day.

Then after the shower, I double moisturise. Did I mention I double moisturise? I probably should have. Let me explain.

You know how for your face you layer serum and moisturiser, or moisturiser and oil? Why not your body? You want your colleagues to touch your elbow, don’t you? (Don’t answer that).

Most days I’ll start with an absorbent body moisturiser. My favourite for this is Kiehl’s Crème de Corps; I buy the large pump size and recently discovered the refill. My skin soaks it right up. Others that I have on rotation include Nécessaire The Body Serum and MALIN+GOETZ Vitamin B5 lotion.

Memo Cat Garrett Body Care Routine Portrait 3x4 3
Memo Cat Garrett Body Care Routine Portrait 3x4 5

Then I’ll add an oil on top. My number one is Officine Universelle Buly Huile Antique Mexican Tuberose Dry Body Oil. It smells like heaven in a bottle. I also love This Works Skin Deep Dry Leg Oil and I’m hearing rave reviews from my MECCA colleagues on the Sans [ceuticals] Activator 7 Body + Hair + Face Oil, which is next on my wishlist.

If you don’t want fragrance and you’re feeling fancy, then Augustinus Bader The Body Oil is a hydrating sensation and lasts for ages. Layering a body oil on top is also a way to make any old, basic body moisturiser into an occasion.

Memo Cat Garrett Body Care Routine Portrait 3x4 2
Memo Cat Garrett Body Care Routine Portrait 3x4 6

Now and again (usually on weekends when I’ve got time on my hands) I’ll bring out the big guns and replace the dry body brushing with a traditional body scrub. My favourite is the REN Moroccan Rose Otto Sugar Body Polish as it’s as it’s so nourishing. Again, I put it on dry skin, from the ankles upwards – but this time in the shower as it can get a bit messy.

After showering, I use a thick body butter: Diptyque Fleur de Peau Hand & Body Lotion (my current favourite fragrance), GOOP Nourishing Body Butter and This Works Perfect Legs Body Butter are my top picks.

Finally for my body care enthusiasts, shout out to any activity that makes you sweat. Hot yoga (if I’m feeling bendy) or a session in an infrared sauna always leaves my skin feeling amazing.

And if you don’t believe me, touch my elbow.

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