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The MECCA MAX Products You Need In Your Beauty Bag

January 1 | 3 minute read

Memo Best Mecca Max Makeup Hero 16x9

Words by Darcy Brown

Originally published on | May 22

With today's ever-evolving roster of makeup micro trends (thanks BeautyTok!), keeping your makeup bag up to date can feel like an impossible (and costly) task.

But with trends come a platform for self-expression, and we believe everyone deserves the right to experiment with their beauty. 

It's the reason why we created MECCA MAX in the first place - to make really good makeup in trending colours and textures that look as good as they feel - and are accessible to everyone - no matter their skill level or budget. These are our top picks from the collection!

Allow us to introduce you to the OFF DUTY lineup. Once they find a home in your makeup bag, you'll wonder, ‘Where have you been all my life?’ The MECCA MAX Off-Duty Skin Tint covers all bases with an ultra-lightweight veil that makes you look like the best version of you (the seven-step skincare routine, 2L-water drinker version of you). And the sticks are famous for a reason: use the Contour Sticks to sculpt and snatch and the Blush Sticks to flush and glow. All in five minutes of 'hard' work.

Never underestimate the power of your brows to lift and shape your face; this brow gel goes to new lengths to ensure they stay on point! Its super-setting formula is infused with glycerine and flaxseed oil to condition and soften the hairs, while if you zoom into the brush, you'll find a double-sided tip – one for volume-boosting, and the other for a no-budge, laminated effect. We're talking next-level volume, perfectly groomed arches and no unruly strands in sight. That's one way to hold someone's gaze!

Carefully designed to be 'no clump', this mascara’s bubbled wand separates lashes to give each one its own special treatment. Opt for dramatic jet black or subtly defining brown to outline each lash from root to tip. A second coat will extend lashes to new heights, opening the eyes and allowing them to sparkle – no flaking or smudging to see here! It’s also a breeze to remove; when met with warm water, the tubing formula loosens and slides away from the lashes without any harsh rubbing required. Genius!

Quick, easy and powerful eye looks? Sign us up. This cream shadow will transform your eyes in seconds. The pointy tip allows for precise application, making it perfect for achieving a bold liner look. Or, take advantage of its smooth formula and buff it out for a more blended finish; you can even layer up multiple shades to bring the drama! Covering mattes, shimmers, sparkles and everything in between, this makeup must-have will allow you to experiment like a pro.

It's official: glossed lips will never go out of style; and it's no surprise – who doesn't love a juicy pout? This MECCA MAX hero could be your next desert island formula. As the name suggests, this formula is the boss of serving up the shine, with an expansive range of 16 shades allowing you to try a subtle opaque glaze or dial it all the way up to a kilowatt shimmer. The nourishing formula is why we can't leave the house without it, sitting comfortably on the lips without drying them out. Plus, it's not sticky or gooey, so you don't have to worry about windswept hair sticking to your lips!

One thing we’ll never gatekeep? Our favourite lip combos! MECCA MAX’s Pout Pop Lipstick and Pout Pencil are a match made in lip heaven; line with 'Chic' and finish with 'Zone Out' to create the ultimate nude moment, or try 'Personal Brand' lined with ‘Stylish’ for a universally flattering red that suits just about anyone. Expect tugless application and an electric colour payoff that places lips centre stage. Chef’s kiss!

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