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Lilly Ghalichi on your most fluttery lashes yet

January 1 | 3 minute read

Lilly Lashes Founder Interview Hero 16x9

Words by Emily Deacon

Originally published on | May 26

If you think all false lashes are made equal, think again.

According to Lilly Lashes founder Lilly Ghalichi, there are many elements that set her lashes (loved by celebs like Kylie Jenner, Oprah and Jennifer Lopez) apart from others you may have tried in the past. "Our lashes' long life span, which allows you to get up to 25 wears out of one pair, is a combination of the quality of the materials we use as well as the craftmanship that goes behind making them," explains the Texan-born Ghalichi.

Since the brand's beginnings in 2013, Lilly Lashes has revolutionised not only the way falsies are made but how they’re worn. The brand's most popular styles are the ‘3D Faux Mink Lashes’; before they existed, people who wanted a more dramatic-looking effect would have to stack multiple strips of lashes on the eyelid. Determined to create lashes that were dramatic in just one strip while still being comfortable enough for all day wear, 3D Faux Mink Lashes were born. From global beauty influencers to Kardashians, these faux mink lashes have a cult following and, they’re stocked at MECCA for you to try (read: fall in love with).

Lashes come long to fit every eye shape. Don’t forget to trim the lash band before you first wear them so that they fit your eye perfectly.
Lilly Ghalichi

The faux mink design process

"After years of development, I'm super excited to be launching an innovative lash material that is top notch! Our faux mink lash collection offers two categories: ‘3D Faux Mink’ which leans more into a dramatic, full glam lash look and ‘Lite Faux Mink’, which tends to be a more natural, soft glam lash look. What I think is special about our Faux Mink is every single pair are handmade, vegan, waterproof and can be worn over and over again with proper care. Every pair of Lilly Lashes is handmade using only the finest materials, which helps give them durability so you can enjoy them for 25 wears.
Lilly Lashes Founder Interview 16x9 1

On creating lashes inspired by melbourne (available exclusively at mecca)

Sure, Melbourne is often voted the move livable city, but what about the fact it's had a pair of falsies named after it? Ghalichi is a big fan of Melbourne, so it seemed only right for her to pay homage to the city the best way she knew how. "I love Melbourne for its vibrant, fun energy, fearless fashionable style and all-encompassing beauty! I tasked my team to bring that to life in the Melbourne Lash. This lash style is truly unlike any other lash we offer. It has sexy ultra-wispy layers with a touch of boldness for a one-of-a-kind lash look."
Most adhesives need a good 60 seconds to dry a little before applying the lashes to your eye.
Lilly Ghalichi

Her top lash tips

Navigating lash application, removal and storage might seem a little tricky if you're new to falsies, but Ghalichi says it's all about practice and taking the right steps to get the most out of each pair. "Lashes come long to fit every eye shape. Don't forget to trim the lash band before you first wear them so that they fit your eye perfectly," she advises.

She also recommends being patient when it comes to application: "Don't apply them too quickly after applying glue as most adhesives need a good 60 seconds to dry a little before applying the lashes to your eye." One tip that’s not as common knowledge is keeping your falsies dry. "Lilly Lashes are styled with heat to get that perfect look. Imagine curling your hair with a curling iron (yes, we actually use tiny little curling iron type devices to style your Lilly Lashes), then getting that hairstyle wet. All the curls will be ruined and fall out, and the same will be true of your lashes - so there's no need to wash them. Ever!"

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