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Watch: Want to power up your skincare routine? You need this device

January 1 | 1 minute watch


Words by Christie Sinclair

Originally published on | June 1

There’s a good chance you’ve already mastered your skincare routine, but what if we told you there is a way to revolutionise your results?

Thanks to a wonderful collision of tech and beauty, professional-grade skincare treatments are now available at home conveniently, with the flick of a switch. And leading the pack is NuFACE with their award-winning, gamechanging facial toning devices.

Thanks to their innovative microcurrent technology, the brand’s DIY beauty gadgets have been clinically shown to help tone and firm skin, and reduce the look of wrinkles, with results that are both instantly visible (our favourite kind) and cumulative. One of their most popular devices is Trinity, a clever, non-invasive gadget that works on facial contours, wrinkles and sagging skin by stimulating deep tissues and muscles with gentle microcurrents. Pair Trinity with your favourite skincare and get set to (literally) redefine your face. Think: facelift without the procedure. The future of skincare is here – right in your hands. Press play!

Prime time

Up first (and don’t skip this!) is priming your face. Apply a thick layer of the NuFACE Hydrating Aqua Gel to clean, dry skin. This leave-on gel acts as a conductor for the device’s microcurrents (read: transfers the current directly to the facial muscles) whilst also replenishing moisture.

Slip and glide

Take your NuFACE Trinity Device and, using the Facial Trainer Attachment, glide the device along the contours of the face using upward strokes. A few minutes and you’ll notice lift and definition. Wondering how it feels? The device emits a low level microcurrent with almost no sensation – in fact, most people describe it as relaxing (almost like a massage!).

Pulling focus

Top up your layer of priming gel (remember, the gel helps the microcurrents penetrate deep into the facial muscles) and focus the device on areas you want to lift and define. Five minutes should do it!

Line eraser

Target those fine lines around the eyes and lips using the ELE Attachment. But first: apply more primer. Press the prongs along the brow bone and under the eyes, then above the lips for a fuller-looking pout. Furrows, crow’s feet and smile lines be gone!

Glow getter

The next step is a luxe treatment for increasing collagen and elastin while promoting circulation. Plus, it just gives a really good glow! Swap to the LED Wrinkle Reducer Attachment and place it over different areas of your face for three minutes at a time.

Repeat agenda

And, repeat! For optimal results, use your NuFACE device five times a week for five minutes (for the first 60 days), and then two to three times per week for maintenance.

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